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Hello Hello! I am Kitty! I'm here to bring you my comic, Kitty Bo Bitty! You can also read Kitty Bo Bitty on tumblr at:
You can follow me on tumblr too! Art blog: , personal blog:
See you later!
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Well, Bo Bitty's surprised, for sure.
Uh oh...
I don't know who's expression we should trust!
Check out this cute Pretty Bo Bitty Animation by a friend of mine! tty-bo-bitty
No Spoilers!
It's been too long since I drew them normal, I almost forgot how.
Ms. Raccoon has come to interrupt. Haven't you missed her cute face?
"Pretties" also don't hiss, Sweetie.
Well, most of them don't.
Life is Rough
Make friends with a raccoon to keep your spirits up!
Sorry about no page last week. I got wrapped up in getting prepared for a job interview and forgot to make sure there was one queue'd.
Being a people is tough
Ribbons droop is dissappointment
And off she goes again
See Kitty Bo Bitty in her cameo in Andromeda Star! reen-name-what
Andromeda Star is not as child friendly as KbB, having some violence and rude language, so read with discretion.
@GabrielsThoughts: OMG you have no idea how long I've been looking for a stream of the english dub of this movie omg. How dare he interrupt her song.
Keep that positivity up girl!
Ah, this page layout turned out horrible. In case it is unclear, read the two panels on the left, and then then two on the right. Top to bottom in each column. I'll have to redraw this page before it goes to print.

Pages are slightly smaller now, but we're making room for that darned FB button.

ALSO!: If anyone saw page 9 which posted out of order on friday this week, I'm sorry about that. I still don't know how it happened, I'm so careful when I queue comics. But yeah, if you did see it, you saw next weeks page. sorry for the confusion. It won't happen again (hopefully)
The cutie pie star has arrived
It's comic within comic time!
(That says "yawn~" under the fb like button :T I'm prolly gonna start adding boarders to the page to avoid this in the future. Very inconveniencing.)
@GabrielsThoughts: Thanks for letting me know! I moved it to the other corner. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. I didn't flip the cowlick cuz it caused a tangent with the speech bubble, but thanks for the suggestion :)
Now the new chapter really gets started
Kitty Bo Bitty sure draws well for not having thumbs.
True genius at work
I mean, that's what a synonym is, right?
Wild animals are not well educated.
This page is scheduled to post on my birthday~ <3
Here come our friends~
What's that face for, Turtlies?
What is our little hero up to today?
Ever seen a cat use a crayon?
Here wo goooo!
Are ya ready guys?