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@ted the saiyanfox: Try the things obstructed in shinyness
@Frost The Wolf: At least it isn't minus 1 yet.
Our visitor from another world is hiding in the bushes waiting for the children. Also Lyra changed back into her normal clothes before coming here.
@Wolfry: Well I don't know you character well enough and I couldnt ask you
@SSJTakuya: Hopefully we should be getting on track again.
Yyeeeeaaahhhhhh..... Not a good page... Kinda made it up as I went.
Also Lyra curls her tail under her skirt, like a belt.
It is so funny to hear that name NEO XD
I just noticed the shoes on some of the poses =_=
@Demo9: I don't know about that, but talking to us can help.
Okay note to self: Try and finish something so simple within 1 month, not 2! ugh, sorry about the delay, hopefully pages should come out faster now.
Oww. A bit of a sucker punch to the face
And we continue the roll with next page. Seems the meeting will go ahead as planned, providing school goes well. >.<
I think he looks pretty cool
Yep we have alot of catching up to do XD
Lyra's school uniform, when she goes to school she wraps her tail around her waist under the skirt. Causes less problems.
Just a few contact issues
@Draven22: Relax man. It takes time to get use to a style