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I like movies, music,drawing, painting, and reading.
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A present for Athal?
That's just what Athal needs right now
I like how he looks in the first panel.
Looks are deceiving.
I hope she's not setting herself up for a major letdown.
The Betty and the beast?
The Betty and the beast?
Yea she's in.
I forgot how tall he is.
It's cute how Claudio follows Sol.
I don't think Boris will be happy.
Eep. Sorry. I forget. She's really going to be in for a rude awakening.
Please tell me a certain tall blonde will be entering the story soon.
Ok, it's Boris time!
He's buying any of it, is he?
Why does that sound like his perfect birthday?
I'd take the hottie and the hipsters. ;)
Quick toss ' Victoria's Secret' and a 'Adam and Eve' catalogs at them and Run Like Hell!! I'd hate to see what look he has when he's angry.
At least they're friendlier then the nudists. *twitch* Tardis vibe??
It's cute how she amuses him.
Ok, not what I thought. (I was thinking gay not blonde) Wow, that seems scary. For some reason it looks like Lope's eyes are glowing.
This does not look good.
*laughs* Oh, no I see where this is going.
Great! She's really cute in glasses.