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I love to play almost any type of game, like from soccer to Smite. I also like happy things.
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I think the Onix got a home run, because the Pikachu was definetly outta the park. The real winner was Onix.
I'm feeling a feeling of sadness, happiness, and nostalgia. Sahalgia.
I love how bat shit crazy professor Oak is in this manga XD
If you think about it...
Pokemon is like chicken fighting. They're trained to maim another of their kind, except they have super powers so...
I kinda liked Scarbro a bit better. Also, why is he shirtless?
Not to be rude, but I've noticed a couple awkward English sentences, for instance in the second to last box, Alizeti says loose instead of lose. Other than that, no complaints. Great job with this manga, it has a great plot and a great main idea. :D
Sometimes, when I'm feeling a bit murderous, a hug makes me feel better. Maybe the new villain needs a hug also?