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I would love to produce a webcomic but I can't do all those cool shading @_______@ and I can't even come up with even a simple plot. Dx So, for now, I'm just here to enjoy reading other people's works of hilarious or suspenseful comics of godliness. :]
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nuuu. don't stop here Dx
the suspense killed me before, now it's killing me again Dx take your time though xD
i will wait for you updates... slowly... ;A;
Francis and Paris makes me happy. xD i love those two.
Correcton: I love the newspaper club and Jing. 8D
haha. xD Ren is so cool.
-gasp- FIRE!!!!!!!! -runs around in panic-

cool sketch i can't wait for the update :B
wow, i c lots of ppl like this guy. XP update soon~
GAH! its over... already.....

the comic for now i mean, update soon ! >o< XP XD

yea..... XD