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A farm girl with a liking for sketching, reading, and creating stories.
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@Epic Chibi: I think Kiri was next but they may be busy. We could just adjust the post orderif you want to go then her (just an option).
@Zoingishly: ALL THE PLANTS!

Le Cirque will be so green once she's done. XD
Hope you guys don't mind the lack of color. With my desktop being crappy and slow, hand drawn and inked just works better.
Cece prefers trees to paperwork. XD
How exciting! Good to see you back. ^_^ Let's get Le Cirque back to it's former glory! Who's with us?!

(Also, I'll get to work on a page asap)
I am laughing so hard at the chapter title, you have no idea. XDDD
So what do you think she is, Alex? Huh? HUH?!?!
And finally Rhys gets back to Volya about that safety concern. ^_^
Sorry still for the long waits for simple pages. But yay page!!!
Oh Cece. Too nice fore her own good.

My tablet is still out of commission and I take forever doing lineart with a mouse, so... Yay page at least!!! XD
Bwahahahaha new favorite page! XDDD
How to look at a person without meeting their eyes. Today's lesson: The Sidelong Glance.
So my tablet pen broke which means no lineart or coloring for now, but yay page! I figure we've waited enough.
Finally my work schedule an inspiration decide to work in my favor! Sorry for the late page and I promise to get it coloured better later. But I figured you waited long enough.

When will he learn sneaking up isn't a good idea?

The page looks awesome. ^_^
@cobalt-cat: Thank you! I thought it would be nice just showing the evening moving along and everyone enjoying the night as friends, like what Reggie said. ^_^
And I forgot Cece was next. I'll try and get something up soon!
A few hours into the storm and Cece remains dry and cozy. ^_^