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... A Clefairy!
... The Snorlax!
... The Pikachu Cosplayer!
No... It can't be... (Insert individual/group here)
Why do you think they are all still in the caves, then?
If it is just a whale, what world is Atty in now!? A world without Pokemon? Then who is he trying to rescue?
Is that supposed to be a Wailord sign?
George did it for him.
Does this mean Atticus will have to deal with the Snorlax in front of the cave? Also, since this world is a twisted version of the games (primarily), and others have taken this path before, where do all the Snorlax come from? Are they Flown in by a Pidgeot, or get Teleported by an Abra? If so, is it done on a whim, or is it a job? 'Hey Mike, looks like the Snorlax is gone again.' 'Abra.' 'Yeah, I know how you feel, but it's a living.' 'Abra.' 'Take your time, we're in no rush. Just remember: Don't call the Snorlax Fat.' 'Kedabra.' '... Where'd you get those sunglass?'
A Picture of Dragonthing Trapped by Team Rocket!
Ooh! Atticus is a Chaotic Locus! That or he's a Fateless One getting tangled in the fates of others. (Guess where these ideas are from!)
Cigarettes recover Atty's stamina, apparently.
Someone Mocks!
Run away... On a Box!
Light and Darkness collide.
He's mister 'Bright Side'. Says so on his shirt.
I see... George wants to become a matchmaker.
(Sudden thought: He's Bill the Science guy!)