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@Evilbob_dA: I'm not sure either, but I do notice the three lines that in comics denote a suddenly caught attention.
@Deamonstalker poor Pidgeys...
Turns out, it's a Mimikyu (did I spell it right?) with a solid glamour from a Mismagius.
The playlist turns out to be 'the original pokemon rap' on repeat. That, or the Nyan Cat 10 Hour Repeat.
My Phone doesn't do Replies well.
Well, you did forget the Masked Man's Pokemon (Feraligator), but you otherwise did well!
Challenge! No looking for the answers, now... just answer to the best of your ability.
What is Atty's full name?
What was the Pokemon George caught the most of so far?
What was the name of Atty's rival?
What Pokemon did the Masked Man use on Atty?
When near Atty, what does the move Metronome do?
What was Atty watching on the TV at the start of the Comic?
What happened to the First Pidgey in the Comic?
What occurred with the first Rattatta?
Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Atty's a Twilight Vampire!!
... A Clefairy!
... The Snorlax!
... The Pikachu Cosplayer!
No... It can't be... (Insert individual/group here)
Why do you think they are all still in the caves, then?
If it is just a whale, what world is Atty in now!? A world without Pokemon? Then who is he trying to rescue?
Is that supposed to be a Wailord sign?
George did it for him.
Does this mean Atticus will have to deal with the Snorlax in front of the cave? Also, since this world is a twisted version of the games (primarily), and others have taken this path before, where do all the Snorlax come from? Are they Flown in by a Pidgeot, or get Teleported by an Abra? If so, is it done on a whim, or is it a job? 'Hey Mike, looks like the Snorlax is gone again.' 'Abra.' 'Yeah, I know how you feel, but it's a living.' 'Abra.' 'Take your time, we're in no rush. Just remember: Don't call the Snorlax Fat.' 'Kedabra.' '... Where'd you get those sunglass?'
A Picture of Dragonthing Trapped by Team Rocket!
Ooh! Atticus is a Chaotic Locus! That or he's a Fateless One getting tangled in the fates of others. (Guess where these ideas are from!)