Ooh! Atticus is a Chaotic Locus! That or he's a Fateless One getting tangled in the fates of others. (Guess where these ideas are from!)
Cigarettes recover Atty's stamina, apparently.
Someone Mocks!
Run away... On a Box!
Light and Darkness collide.
He's mister 'Bright Side'. Says so on his shirt.
I see... George wants to become a matchmaker.
(Sudden thought: He's Bill the Science guy!)
She seems to be in the same vein as the Zelda Shop owners: call the thief, Thief, and try to kill them.
Also, Atty looks younger in this shot.
Who forgot to pay the electric bill?
"Big Brother!"
Kirst Is...
Inverted Atty!
Atty's Clone!
Twin Brother!
... Annoying.
What about a quiet person who wears a cape?
@interspark: The kid is the earlier kid who took the TM from Atty.
Now that I think about it, they look similar....
Oh, that's mean. Luke is the Dragon User in the Elite Four, and the Champion, at least until Blue, or Gary (depending on what you call him, and on whether you follow the games or anime) defeat him.
SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! New Friend for Atty!
Is... Is That...?
The man on the left in the last panel.
Is that Atty's Dad?