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I'm Rina... I do stuff... sometimes... very inconistantly
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I don't entirely trust that girl
Oh My goodness
Its been sooo long!! I sort of stared at my computer like "can this be real"
your brother reminds me of a young me
A life of crime could be the answer. If you're good at it. I don't think Jeffery's exactly good at it though.
throwing babies is bad, yes. I'm good with babies, but I don't like them. they are delicate and smell weird.
This is fantastic
I really love your comics, and this one just made me want to hug you. Its so sweet
My Life
Why do I feel like both of these girls are me
It can be all
I watch it in the middle of july and on every holiday ever.
So bad-ass for two panels, then, he trips. And I laughed.
I'm pretty sure this comic describes my life.