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My friends say i am like a hobbit. My mom agrees.
I am a homebody that enjoys working with her hands. I paint, draw, make jewlery, sculpt, write, cook, eat and sing.
I am a terrible dancer.
I am married to my lesbian lover, Liz. We own a house and have more cats than should be legally permitted. We also have a dog. We love the Beatles and dance terribly together.
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First Filler!
So, I thought everybody might want to see Jamie and Lindy in color!
The red hair and freckles are just too precious! I have always loved red hair. Look alike brother and sister duos are fun to draw, too!
Oh, Lindy!
Such a range of emotion from Lindy on this page!!
A black background?
eh.. I am still experimenting with this. Can you tell? lol

Check it out! Kate has been drawing some Fruits Basket Fan Art!!
This is definatley my FAVORITE page so far!! It was so much fun to do!
Isn't she a cutie?
Gina is the name of a childhood friend. The charactor looks very little like the real thing.
I know. The balance on this one is a little off... Lindy's comment about his friends being "CLASSY," should come before he starts defending them. I hope that isn't too confusing!
I know. Using a party to introduce my charactors... it's lame. I'm sorry. This is my first comic, guys! Come on!
I designed his charactor with a specific friend in mind. Aren't his freckles adorable?
I love the name, but I don't think this is a very common spelling.
Isn't he awful?
We all know somebody that has this power..
Behold! An update!
why does he think that he hates jay? why is he looking for him.. gah!!
sorry for the late update
this page is much cleaner than the first, though. :-) yay!
lack of panties?
wow... this comic gets funnier and funnier!
yay charlse~
he is so delightfully cruel.
spam sucks.
Too much clutter?
I know this page is really busy. Sorry. The rest wont be so confusing.