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Once upon a time, long, long ago - I made comics/drew things as a hobby. I stopped drawing anything for 5 years and then suddenly I thought....hmm you know what would be cool?

Doing THAT again.

And so here I am. Not sure what shall come out of this but hopefully something... postive?

But as a bright-eyed youth at the age of 12 I thought someday *I* was going to become a manga-ka/author. Well I'm way older now and I doubt that's ever happening. But....

...if I'm going to give it a shot again anyway, might as well share it right?

Because the epic fails are no longer just for Yamcha anymore.
@StupidGenious: Haha wouldn't hold my breath waiting on collabs. There's soo much tension there. :P
@StupidGenious:Being afraid is not an irrational response.
@StupidGenious: Well, their raps say the least.
And so the plot thickens.......

Also, geez Roshi, that's not how it works.
Otherworld's upcoming album, "Forget About It" featuring their bestsellers " Smells like Time and Spirit" and "Kai As You Are".

In the world of Dragon Ball, it seems the Z-Homies aren't the only ones going into the music biz.
*Play on Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

OBVIOUSLY this is a parody on the whole...."Mr. Popo being basically a black-face caricature" thing.

So remember kids, don't stereotype like Reporter Jessica. It's not nice.

Also be respectful when talking to Mr. Popo.
Well. That's one way to settle things
This one is an inside joke for Phil Ken Sebben fans. I decided to include Phil once I read over my Frieza dialogue and's alot of potential double-entendres in there.......
Crew is as follows:
Lil' K
Ma Junior
Masta P. Boi AKA Turtle Master.

Disclaimer: This is a fancomic based on the characters of Dragon Ball Z. I do not own Dragon Ball/Z/. Please support the official artist/franchise.