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@Wolfsubzero: lol not many people actually know about dragon ball for some reason
Lance looks a lot like Sj1 goku to me for some reason
@Naiko: No problem I've got nothing much planned for the next few months anyways. :) See ya tomorrow
@Naiko: Nah don't worry about it, to make this translating thing simpler why don't you just PM me what you want translated and I'll pm you the revised version of it
@Naiko: so would you like to me to translate chapter nine?
@Naiko: of course :)
Also if you want i can teach you better english
@Naiko: So? Will you allow us to help you? :)
Send us what you have and we'll translate it
Just send us messages containing what you have for each page and we'll change it into proper English :)
well that escalated quickly
I'll help too!
If you send me another part of the script I'll translate that as well so we get it done as fast as possible! ^.^