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ayyyy lmao
presh cinnamon bun
the day where lenny wants to climb him like a tree
new kids on the block *O*
aaaaahhh cutieee <333 and his plush e w e
lenny would prolly crash with him or attempt to wake him up to help him grab something haha
ken punished them with extra training after closing time ft. spray bottle
@illustratorJI: u w u go ahead, take him
Name: Lenny

Age: 22

Height: 5'

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he/him/his

Sexuality: Homosexual

Species: Chihuahuahuahuahuahuahua

Job Position: Takes orders, mans the register, makes simple drinks and boba

Personality: Loud and cheerful ball of sunshine. He's the one who loves the morning and doesn't hate waking up. Lenny enjoys being around and talking to people. He can literally talk someones ear off if you let him. Besides being all loud and happy, he isn't too confident. So if someone tells him to shut up or looks at him angrily, his anxiety kicks in and he kinda shuts down. Sometimes he needs constant reassurance from himself or someone else because he doesn't like his bad thoughts.

Background: Lenny comes from a large family and he is the second youngest. The youngest is a 2 y/o and he'll show you pics of his baby sis if you even bring up the topic about babies or his family. He's used to being babied so he doesn't mind if people help him grab things from shelves without him asking. Less work for him.

Extra Info:
-stands on a stool behind the register
-he goes to a local community college, part-time
-he lives at home with his parents and baby sis
hyper nerd baby indeed xD
i love the green in his hair btw *-*
cant wait to see kota interact with everyone <3
they sound too nice to get into competition with the cat cafe, but maybe kota can use their hugginess against them somehow :3c
dat hair
and tail
so floofy *A*
and that face in the left corner omg
i agree with jiji /nods
with calling him Daddy LOL i can never say it out loud tho
aaaaahhh another white-haired angel u 3 u
@totes faun: its alright! doesnt have to be exact :>
just an apron is the uniform. the clothes under don't matter u w u
Announcement: There will be a rival cafe/shop that the Cat Cafe will be fighting over popularity with!
And the rivals are called... Pups & Cups!!
And the species that are mostly employed there are canines obv.
second floor has a storage room/giant refrigerator, staff lockers, and another bathroom. it's also the breakroom.

(kinda based off of a boba place i frequent)
aahhh so cuutttteee
gotta make use of them tall cats
sage is such an angel <333
i think he'd look good in any hair style or outfit :DD
ken <33 my stressed out bby u3u
he tries his best