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Ignis Unis
I'm a cookie.

That is all.
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@Frogsnack: Candy, obviously.

And maybe some candy cane socks.
@Axel1000: OR IS IT?

*druhmahteec moosic*
@1ce_k1d: Unfortunately for you, Sloccindra had to be covered up in the banner by this mighty being.
The current banner you see in the appearance of the comic.

-NOTICE: THIS BANNER IS MEANT TO BE PERMANENTLY HIDDEN. If it comes close to releasing to the public, set it's release date back further.-
I just went into the random pokemon generator, because I was bored.

This was the result-A possessed monstrosity of unimaginable power.



This caused me A LOT of trouble when I tried to add parts onto it, because of the angle Magikarp's sprite is at.

Eventually, I just took Metapod's crest and added it as like a horn to Magikarp's forehead, as well as to the crown-things.

But then I tried adding Metapod's tail, and found that it kinda looked like armor when added to the crest parts.

And lo and behold, this guy was born.

I'd think it could survive a tank with that armor.

-Requested by Retro Pikachu-
@Retro Pikachu: ....It shall be done.
A large amount of candy has been stolen from Ignis behind his back, and he is not happy. Oh, no. This candy cannot be simply replaced by cheap, tacky candy from the store. This candy is special. He must get it back, and he is not going to stop until he finds the fiend that took away what was rightfully his. Even if it means he has to search the cosmos.

But he can't get his candy back on his own. He has gathered together (forced) a group of random individuals to assist him on his quest. His Candy Quest.

A collab comic by Ignis Unis, Axel1000, Sonic_Boom, The Ultra Deino, and An Actual Dog.
Updates whenever.

NOTICE: Currently on Chapter Two. Before you question the inactivity of the comic, it is going to be updated soon. It's just coming back from a looong hiatus, during which time my drawing skills have improved.
Remember all those pokemon fusion showcases? Those were fun, right?

Well, they all seemed to fade away, and nobody really made any new ones..

..Until now.

Hall of Fusions is currently looking for authors, and you can give requests for fusions, so don't be shy;

Enter the Hall.
A fusion I did for a friend before I created the comic. Coincidentally enough, it's also made with Pikachu.

...But it's still a lot like Sneasel, unlike the thing posted before this one.

-Requested by Axel1000-
..I myself have no idea what this monstrosity that I just created is. Anyways, here you go, Charlotte.

-Requested by Charlotte057-
@Charlotte057: That's going to look..interesting. I'll give it a try, though.
@Charlotte057: Well, this comic DOES take requests, so if you have an actual request, let me know so I can make it.
@Charlotte057: ..Is that a request? If so, I'll do it.

..Man, I wish there were more authors and fans. :L
@Charlotte057: Only for some, though. I'd rather not be seeing a result of something bred with Muk.
And so, the long line of fusions begins!
Starting off this comic, we have Meowtharos. As you can see, it's a fusion of Meowth and Ampharos.

Normal/Electric, I'd assume.

..I got nothing else to comment about.
I don't really like Togekiss' official design. The wings just seem too attached to me, and it seems like that when it tries to flap them to fly, it just waves it's whole body up and down.

Either way, Togekiss. Woo.
All I have to say about Electrode is:

R.I.P. Rick.

You were the best at rollin' out jams. ;-;
Dratini is, to me, the most adorable dragon-type ever.

Screw Goomy, I don't even use mine anyway.

i also feel like this looks not as good as Sableye and Beedrill


EDIT: Dratini has been fattened up slightly in a specific area where he was just skin and bones.

no we're not eating him for christmas to you fatties who are greedy

EDIT: This is my last MS Paint drawing.

Soo, I was sick yesterday, so I couldn't upload this.


Take some Sableye.