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I make the shitty comics. Love me. :* Also here's a FB Page:
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@kumikoangeloflight: Yea I typically wear a wrist band to stablize my wrist, but the pain usually comes from my fingers. if there's braces for that, i'd try that but i can't imagine i'd be able to do much with my fingers braced lol. Thank you!
It's been so long since I worked on anything for this. I strained my right hand from overworking at work and it hasn't fully healed or rather I think I permanently fucked it up so I'm really slow when it comes to drawing nowadays. I only recently was able to start drawing again. But the thing that took the longest was the speech bubbles. I hate em'. lol.

Anyway. Sorry for disappearing so much. Just assume the next update will be a while away. ;;
So I got a small cintiq...It's kinda hard to get use to. So, sorry if the pages from now on are lackluster. it's hard to draw with this small thing lol.
Hi there.

So Tapastic did some sus stuff recently and even though they tried to fix it, I got paranoid so I deleted everything on there. This comic will solely be on smackjeeves.

so get ready for occasional updates of this comic~
Merry holidays.
I'm really bad at updating this.
Sorry this pg looks like ass. My wrist wasn't doing good when I first started working on this and it only recently got "better", so the style with each panel looks different and I'm too lazy to redo it from the ground up.
Note: I'll be changing things here and there throughout th ecomic (ex. appearances, story plots, etc) so like. don't be shocked. lol.
uh...hello. lol.

it’s been a while since i’ve done anything with this comic. it was on hiatus since…january? which is weird bc i feel like i’ve been gone from it for years.

so yea. i’m kinda picking it back up. idk how often the updates are going to be, but after my friend brought up that he hoped i would still be drawing more now that i’m working at this new job that takes up so much of my time, i was thinking “i mean. i can draw more. i just need a reason.”

but yea. here’s hoping i upload more? idk. please don't hold your breath.
@Pastelei: well that was silly of me! fixed. thanks for catching that lol.
Ok, first off. Thank you so much for the love and support you guys have given me for this comic. It really means the world to me and I'm sorry if I haven't been appreciative of it.

So in case you haven't figured it out yet, this comic is going to go on hiatus. For how long? I'm not sure. I really need to get to working on my next project (a project I'm hoping that will get printed?) and that's going to take a lot of time for world-building and plotting stuff. It's a bit more complicated than this one, which was easy to make up on the spot.

I will go back to this one day. But this year, I need to buckle down and do something that'll help me in the long run.

I might still post doodles or whatever here and there on my tumblr. So if you want to, you can follow me at herpyderpyhurhur.tumblr or you can follow my art blog at herpyderpydumpy.tumblr.

Again, thanks a lot. And sorry to do this to ya.
Important note on the next page. :V
@Rindesei: as of right now, i have no plans of printing it (just cause the first chapter is uglyyyy and smaller than the other pages. i'd have to redo it all.) but thanks so much! i really appreciate your comment! :')
@Tessu-chan: LOL i forgot about that. uh, it's Tapastic related. Don't mind it.
look at that dumbass bird lmaoo.
End of Chapter 5!
It'll be a while before Chapter 6 starts going up since I wanna have at least half the chapter done maybe. Thanks a lot for reading and for the nice comments ^^
@Killsoty: it won't matter once they're dead.
here we go again.
hope you enjoy my sweat and tears.