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Sorry for the delay and also the bucket-load of exposition. Hopefully this sort of makes some things a little more straight-forward. ^^; Also I totally gave up on the background so I apologise for its horrible-ness. XD Thanks for reading!
Thank you so much for giving us this comic, tatterberry! It was such an amazing journey and I've loved it from the beginning. I think your style is lovely and your storytelling is fabulous. I'll always remember Alice and Leo and their story. <3
Alice you're the hero now! :D
Hiya! I'm really enjoying your comic so far. :D I love your art and the story so far is interesting. I look forward to more. :3
Aw it's okay Leo! Look, he's totally fine. :3

Wait, reporter? Whaaa?
Ahaha Alice ya li'l cutie! Love how Darcie and Tarik are on a date. And Leo and Alice of course. ;) Wonder what Leo's noticed!
Yaaaaaaas! I'm so proud of these two!!!
It was interesting to hear about Leo's past, but sad. I'm glad she's trying to help others though.

Also squeeee go cuddle, you two!
@Yolk: oh my god they were roommates
Hide, girls! That basement looks like it's been loaded for the apocalypse. xD
Eep! I'm glad they got out of there! I really like the "Gah!" panel. I could really imagine Alice just running into the back of Leo as she stopped. xD But hm, I wonder who he's after if it's not Leo!
Hahah this guy! xD Like he totally sucks for interrupting their date but I kinda like him, ahaha.
Squeeeeeeeeee! So excited this is happening! They're too cute. <3
D'aww I'm so happy they're talking again. <3 AND JEALOUS LEO. Who woulda guessed. :3
Darcie seems like a very smart doctor. :3
Beautiful chapter cover, Tatter! :D I love the subtle colours. Really nicely done. :3
@tatterberry: Hehe, no worries. I'm grateful for this comic at all. It's adorable, well written, beautifully drawn, and has an awesome premise. :D Definitely excited for more, and I'll certainly watch out for your future projects too! ^-^ Best of luck. Thank YOU for the comic and all your hard work!
Whaaaat, the final chapter? D: Aww it saddens me to hear this will be ending. But alas. It has been an awesome ride so far and I can't wait to see what remains.
NNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! But she has got a point. That is how Leo is coming across. But hey, it's good that this conversation got brought up because there are clearly unresolved issues here.
Good idea, Alice. I can see why Leo would be uncomfortable though.