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D'aww I'm so happy they're talking again. <3 AND JEALOUS LEO. Who woulda guessed. :3
Darcie seems like a very smart doctor. :3
Beautiful chapter cover, Tatter! :D I love the subtle colours. Really nicely done. :3
@tatterberry: Hehe, no worries. I'm grateful for this comic at all. It's adorable, well written, beautifully drawn, and has an awesome premise. :D Definitely excited for more, and I'll certainly watch out for your future projects too! ^-^ Best of luck. Thank YOU for the comic and all your hard work!
Whaaaat, the final chapter? D: Aww it saddens me to hear this will be ending. But alas. It has been an awesome ride so far and I can't wait to see what remains.
NNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! But she has got a point. That is how Leo is coming across. But hey, it's good that this conversation got brought up because there are clearly unresolved issues here.
Good idea, Alice. I can see why Leo would be uncomfortable though.
I think Leo is coming from a position where she wants to protect Alice, so I get it, but...Alice is right. Leo has been trying to help her with her powers, so if Alice wants to take this route, she should be able to. But yeah...I get both sides!
Love this page, Max! Awesome drawings and great plot advancement, too. :D Love that look of fear on the jangmo-o's face!
Great new page. :) A picnic sounds adorable!
What a cool detail, that Leo has a lot of plants! XD And hmm, movie night all to themselves, hey? ;) CUTENESS AHEAD!
Aw, well, Darcie took everything so well! xD I'm glad she told Leo that she's allowed to be mad at things. Leo seems to hold a lot back to look strong or seem stable.

Great page, as always! :D
Omfg I love Darcie so much. XD "Bullshittery" yaaaaas. Awesome page!
Ugh, paparazzi... Terrible. D: I bet this has happened to Leo more than once before. How awful.
@AgentNein: Yeah, I think we'll leave it now and move on. I don't think we intended to gang up on them but we sort of did, not out of anger for them but in support of NeonUmbreon who is a part of our team. (Though yes, many of us were peeved.) It hurts to see someone put down, even if the original comment was intended as an observation and not a direct insult. Like seriously, they had to know that their comment would hurt SOMEONE.

I think from this point we should put a comment when each page is posted that this is a community comic with multiple artists so that hopefully nobody makes a comment like this (or ones that have been made in the past) again.

@NeonUmbreon loved the page, buddy. :) How exciting that we've reached the end of the first chapter! Well done! And please don't be discouraged. <3
@Littlegamer34: Gee it would be nice if people actually used their eyes and read that this is a COMMUNITY comic drawn by MANY people of varying ages and experiences. Insulting artists who have less experience is a horrible thing to do and will not be tolerated here. Please be constructive instead of destructive, or simply do not comment at all. Good day!
Aw, I love Leo's face. She's all "you so cute Alice." Hehe.
Alice is the cutest little muffin. But I'm proud of her. <3
Aw, Alice... D: I know how she feels, not wanting to ruin someone's day after they've already had a crappy one, but obviously it's extremely important to tell it becomes this conflict because you want to protect them but it's also their right to know! Oh, ethics! Haha. I love Leo's face in the last panel though. xD She's like "wtf alice"