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Aw, Alice... D: I know how she feels, not wanting to ruin someone's day after they've already had a crappy one, but obviously it's extremely important to tell it becomes this conflict because you want to protect them but it's also their right to know! Oh, ethics! Haha. I love Leo's face in the last panel though. xD She's like "wtf alice"
Aw, how Leo picks up Alice's hand. So sweet! <3 They're sooo adorraablleee
@tatterberry: No worries at all! :D Yes, sometimes you really need a good break, hey? :) Glad to hear it! And thank you, I hope you do too! :D
Way too cute. :33 I love how shocked Leo is. xD I hope she feels better soon. :c

Happy new year, tatterberry! :D Great to see you back! I've missed this comic.
@TriaElf9: No worries at all! :D I know I certainly will! Keep up the awesome work. :3
I'm enjoying this comic so far! :D I love your style as well. They all look great and very distinctive. I'm glad they're enjoying the festival; it looks awesome! Their dragons are all so cute too!
I really adore this comic and the history between Arden and Mickey. I know Arden's struggling between her and Regi but I hope Mickey doesn't get hurt in the process. :c Anyway, I adore your awesome use of colour, your style, and all the characters. :3 Mickey's definitely my favourite. I look forward to more in the future. <3
Yaaaaaaaay, go Alice! :D
Hahaha, aww, Alice! I love "Oh heck." XD
Wow, what a scumbag. D:< I wonder what Alice is gonna do...
D: Posting mean pictures of Darcie? That's horrible. And it interrupted Alice's text. D:< I hope those pictures of Darcie don't get out though. >.<
The way you've coloured this is beautiful! I love all the drawings too. :D But yes, as the others have said for this page, I can relate to having to turn guys down for this reason also. :,( Thankfully I've managed to stay friends with the guys who I had known for a significant period. But yeah, it always sucks because it's not their fault and it's not your fault. Just life I guess. Fenella did well. :)

Great comic so far. Can't wait to see what's next!
@tatterberry: No worries. :D Keep up the awesome work!
Uh-oh. That wasn't a good idea. XD I love your comic, by the way! :D I'll definitely be following along. Such entertaining characters so far. :3
Must be tough for Leo to sit through this and hear it all. =/

Now that I'm all caught up, I'd like to say thank you for sharing this comic! :D I am loving it so far. :3 I am really looking forward to new pages. Your drawings are awesome and I'm loving the setting and characters. Amazing stuff. ^v^
Oh my gosh! o.o They're dead. Well that was a surprise. Geez, I hope they received a lot of counselling!
I just laughed out loud like an idiot at Darcie. XD Classic.
Eeeee oh my god this is way too adorable. GURL YOU'RE IN FOR IT NOW! Can't wait to see what happens. :333