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Yooo congrats on getting on SJ Spotlight!!!
October 14th, 2019
Omg I wasn’t expecting something like this??? I can’t wait to see where this goes
This is really great so far!! Can’t wait for more
September 23rd, 2019
Oh no, I can’t see this ending well.
September 23rd, 2019
Congrats on finishing chapter 1!!!
September 17th, 2019
Gee Vanish, how come your author lets you have TWO super villains?
September 16th, 2019
Is Mimi ! And Winston! Y'all can read up on Mimi if you're interested by the link (below), but to keep things in the loop, she's Helen's niece (so, Violet's cousin) - about 14-ish years older than Violet I think. They were close until Violet was around 4 years old, then Mimi & Helen stopped talking to each other for about 10 years (up till the very end of Incredibles 2). You don't need all that info for the bit she's playing in this story, but its still fun knowledge!

Mimi belongs to:

You can check some other drawing out of her on my deviant art, unfortunately smackjeeves makes it hard to put other drawings like there in the comics without disrupting the flow lol. but yeah, I'm borrowing friend's OC here.
I love Amy’s little coat /w\ such a cute touch.
Michael: don't worry too much about being a Mightyena. You're just growing because there's so much more to love uwu
September 10th, 2019
Oh my god I love Miss Claire. She’s so pretty
August 31st, 2019
oh yeah, this is a Superhero story, of course there's a Supervillain.
August 31st, 2019
(btw her thumb isn't broken, cuz I know people will probably ask, just a bad art angle hahaha)
August 22nd, 2019
Oh I like the idea of leaving ending page(s) being the only thing with color. It adds a nice bit of charm to the whole thing!
Omg I didn’t know you followed my comic jafaifwifwjg I’m honored! (Sucks SJ gives no way to tell who’s reading your comic unless they actually comment. I like seeing if my readers make cool stuff to follow too!!!)
So cute! I love the reference style. It’s always fun learning more about the characters :)

Hahaha have fun on your break!!!
August 10th, 2019
Her headband
Long her face in the middle panel!