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@Stanger7: its probably because they didn't wanna risk setting off an alarm
@onigoshi: I'm glad you're liking it so far!! And yes! As you're on the comic page, at the top right there should be a link saying "add to favorites". Click that and it's done automatically!
Art by;


Don't worry, I am continuing! I've just been working on revamping the beginning, but I'm almost done with that so once that's posted, I'm hoping to get back to a better schedule ^^
art by Pikacshu and Littaly

Sorry for the delay! All the artists have been very busy c: we hope you have more pages out soon, thank you for being patient!
hey! So, it's been a while since I updated. Aside from real life... I've been considering revamping TOB. Not ENTIRELY, but just enough to fill in gaps and change things. When I started this back in 2012, I didn't really know where I was going in the long run, and it was more of a "let's cram all my friends' characters in as i can".

So, I don't know when it will happen, but I'll be revamping. More informative prologue, More time in Team Rocket before Dawn leaves, adding and deleting unneeded scenes... And so on. I'll try my best to keep with the art style, but I can't promise things for now especially because of how time consuming it is.

And while I'm here... what would YOU like to see? I'm open to suggestions! Thank you.
omg I love these two already
@kwane: yes, there is a difference. A big one
There's a difference between constructive criticism and just saying something is bad or awful, though

And by recap page you mean?
damn, that's... a lot lower than I expected, I'm honestly disappointed I guess? oh well. I don't blame you, there's potholes I need to go back and fix (like the one with the pikachu behind a tree- I plan on revisiting those pages). when i started the comic I had no idea where I was going, and most of the characters in it aren't even mine... so that's kind of a problem I need to work with (like the blue charmander- she's not mine but belongs to a friend)

I've been telling myself to go back and redo pages but as a full-time student I have -10 hours of time to do that, so I'm just kind of living with it until I can explain them in future pages.

Thanks for the review


One thing I do suggest is, maybe for future reviews, could you use words other than "bad" and "horrible"? It's kind of a downer, no offense to you, just something to think about if you want uwu
Stab the guy behind you. He's asking for trouble.
The fact that you showed what looks like the black cheeks on chingling are actual holes makes them slightly more terrifying
Lol. I'd laugh if people started shipping these two .u.
Dawn decides to suck it up and move forward. Getting hit with a hat does that to you.

remember that hat. It'll come back /o/
OOH Be honest, how many of you guys thought it would be SHADOW that spoke on the last page? XD

Other than that

I really like this page c:

Yay double digits 8D
Chapter 1 cover page c:
Team Overbite

Follow Dawn, a Team Rocket S.W.A.Pikachu test subject as she gets swept on an unintentional journey that could change her life as she knows it.

Growing up as one of four test subjects of the TypeSwitch ability, Dawn, or coded "R-13", was one of Team Rocket's prized experiments. The TypeSwitch ability, which was augmented off of the Kecleon-specific ability Color Change, provides Pikachu with a secondary type. Dawn's specifically is the Water Type, and it is unknown as to whether or not her ability has succeeded- as of late they are waiting until her body has matured enough to continue with the procedure.

A few days before her first test was to take place, a tragic event forced her to part ways with her beloved Team Rocket. She wound up a fugitive, becoming a wanted enemy of the place she longed to call her home once again, and all for a young and innocent Pikachu she cared for, reasons unbeknownst to her.
I could help you make a page for characters if you want! I don't know much fancy CSS, but i know enough to do that c:
I really love your backgrounds, they're so detailed! ;;w;;

Decided to to restart an ask blog for team overbite! While I'm too busy to work on things like comics and commission work, this will be something fun to get people to better know the characters

ask anything! Anyone is open, and if a character belongs to someone other than me I'll ask them for feedback. <: