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@Miaou: Merci ! L'exercice... la vie au grand air... ;-)
@Krondor2000: Not the past ! I hope you'll find it more original ! ;-)
@Krondor2000: Yes, I'm translating the pages, then I have to meet someone to correct them and then, I'll start publishing. I'm a bit overworked this year, sorry !
Corrigé ! Bonne lecture et merci !
@Krondor2000: Don't worry ! He'll get it soon ;-)
@Krondor2000: Exactly ! Just enjoy ;-)
@KendraSarah: most probably ;-)
@Krondor2000: Sorry, not in two pages... Page 42.
@Krondor2000: not really, but in two pages, everything will change 😉 ! It will be very very ... Wait and see 😊
@br0k3nm3l0dy: Ups, done ! Thanks for reading !
@Krondor2000: Done, sorry and enjoy !
@Krondor2000: Not at all ! Villains are generally not courageous ;-)
@Riaya: Good idea ;-)
@Krondor2000: His author is a bit sadistic ;-)
@WTF_Damn69: Thank you very much ! Enjoy your summer anyway ! ;-)
@KendraSarah: Thank you !
@KendraSarah: Oh yes ! Lucky one !
Et si vous êtes sur Toulouse ce samedi 18 juin, venez me faire un petit coucou ;-)