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December 23rd, 2015
Put some darn gloves on lady!
AHHH?! Is this the latest page?! NUUUUUUUUU I need more! T_T And uh, happy birthday!
Oh dude. He touched her. Um.....I hope he wrote out a nice will....
"Becca, you wouldn't do that to Amber right?" Betray her, but stealing her man~~? WTF Hilary. Becca can get any man she wants. She does not OWN Max.
I ship these two so hard. My OTP. <3
Haha! I love it. <3
Aw, bonding! XD I think it would be kinda cute if they became friends, or if Jasper got a little protective of her. XD
She's not really a 'good' guy. Doing good things, maybe. But I've certainly seen not a whole lot of 'good' about her. Well, compared to Gail, she's a saint. But on her own, hardly nice and sweet, savior of the world quality.
I think Anna is my favorite. XD
...O_O Yeah. Amber is still not really looking like a hero to, where did creepy mustache-dude get his information?, why is Amber the....pure of heart savior? She does not seem that great a person to me....calling a lesbian a freak is not exactly 'pure of heart'.