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Hey-hoh, what's up joe?

I'm not nearly as active as I use to be, but I like to drop in every once and a while.

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Oh geez...
Oh little viva, what are you scheming this time? Try not to hurt yourself or your poor brother, haha!
Your artwork has really improved! I like your style and shading technique.
As for the story...
Whaaatt! Avery, why are you with new guy? What is going on?! Can't wait to find out.
Nice books you have there, Milo. Hahah. I wonder if that's Viva asking Milo for help..
By simpler coloring style, do you mean similar to how your icon is colored Zin0? Either way, it would be an interesting change!
NEW CHARACTER?! Hmm, I wonder if Viva slipped the note in Naaru's locker? It would be kind of sad and funny if she accidentally slipped it into Joakim's.
Anyhow, your art has really improved overtime, it looks really nice! Hope you have a great day!
Cheers for updates! Man, I wonder what the letter says!
I like her new appearance, it looks nice.
This comic is great! I'm already in love with the characters. Hahah, nice Sailor Moon reference.
I really like the perspective in this drawing! Can't wait to see what happens next.
YAY, UPDATES! Take as much time as ya' need, missy/sir, we know yer busy and stuff.

Oh jeez Viva, you're asking SYRENE for help??? Are you sure about that you remember last time! Oh gosh I can't wait to see Syrene's reaction!
Man, this comic is awesome! I love the author's sense of humour and all of the characters are lovable. I can't wait for the new updates!
This whole page is priceless, ahahahah!I hope things work out for Viva. And maybe Joakim can hook up with another /red head/,heh.

What Harry Potter book are you currently reading? I've only read up to 5(and a half, I didn't finish it)...But seen all the movies!(except for movie 7 part 2) What's your favourite Harry Potter book in the series? Mine would have to be the first 3 books!(Oh wait..That's more than one favourite book---oh well,heh) I didn't really like 4 and 5 as much.
Hahah, I like how Hack acts like an overprotective older sister. She also has a point there,Nick.
Wow, I just reread this whole comic and your drawings have improved a lot!
I read Jimmy Jones as Jimmy Johns at first,ahahah.
Wow, I'm really liking that third panel! It has some pretty cool details, such as the shadows on the floor and on the dresser machine thing(what's it called?)from the light shining. Plus, the folds on the clothes look great and natural! Your comic pages are always so nice and detailed, can't wait for more updates!
"What would you do for a Klondike bar..."
Oh geez, Perla you're acting suspicious and be careful Zoey! By the way, it's pretty cool how the trees and Perla's hair looks like they're blowing in the wind. I like to think that the breeze shows off her carefree nature. Also, in the last panel, I like how it seems that the wind stopped/slowed down when she started to scheme; revealing her mischievous side. Really nice comic, I'm loving it! Can't wait for more updates!