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Formerly known as Sonicballzx. Yes, I made a new account.
Well, mostly because I couldn't stand my former username. Yeah, that's kinda petty but whatever. ANYWAYS:

I'm just your average spriter, nothing really special. Been spriting for a good 6 years now. Made a few friends, made some semi-success comics that were taken down due to my own bordem, joined some semi-successful to successful comics.
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Maaaaaan, I just went through all the questions again, what a ride.

Super Sonic - What happens to you when Sonic goes Super but remains in control? Is it the same as normal, with you just watching through his eyes?
This man is definitely going to be an ally for life.
I suppose this means I should do something as well.
Neroe, you piece of shit, you're supposed to be completing your mom's legacy. You know, that thing your bunny friend died for.
Heart needs to get kicked in the heart
No, that's just you.
Because you're a crazy stalker, Neroe.
Just date them both, Neroe, jeeeeez.
Holy fuck it feels like eons since I last saw Mist.
Can't steal what was never yours.
Neroe's heart always belonged to his right hand.
Is this whole comic gonna be one big Kingdom Hearts reference
Gonna point this out because it bothers me but did they swap places in this page, given their positions in the last one?
It's a tent, can't be that hard to get in.
This is true love we're making
Finally, the best comic on SJ returns
But did Dark end up still getting stabbed?
Is this foreshadowing for the next arc?