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Hello everyone! I love drawing comics and telling stories in my free time. Please check out my comic Malleus Maleficarum :)
@ReroOnyx: Thank you for checking out this series.
I wasn't sure how reader would take Alice as a MC, but I'm glad you find her adorable :)
For those who want to skip my spew above, here is a summarised version:
- MM on hiatus, back in early half of 2018.
- Chapter 2 redrawn, revised pages to be uploaded no later than 26th November.

I'm trying my best to get Vol 2 up and running. Secrets, unsolved mysteries and courtroom drama to come!
Ain't a witch comic if there ain't a bit of fire involved ;P
Whooo title drop :P
3rd panel: Black clothes, conniving smirk, dramatic lighting... Bet you can't tell how evil I am huh?
Dun dun dun dun
Updates resume!
Hey guys, I'm back from my trip in Japan and can sadly say I am undergoing post-Japan holiday sadness cause I didn't want to leave! I was having way too much fun while I was there! Definitely a place I would love to go back to again. I uploaded some pictures on my instagram(username also ashriott) so check it out when you've got a spare moment :)

Anyway, updates resume as of today. The exposition continues, but slowly coming to a close. I'm excited to be uploading the next few pages in the upcoming weeks!

On a side note, I have other things in the works as well, such as oh I dunno... *cough* redrawing some old pages *cough* So there's that to look forward to sometime in the future.... Orz
MM not updating for next 3 weeks
Hey guys, Malleus Maleficarum will be taking a mini break, and will not be updating for the next three weeks. I will be holidaying in Japan for this duration and will resume updates on the 6th of April :)

Off to the land of the rising sun I go! I'm way too excited!!
Happens to the best of them :P
Exposition... exposition everywhere!
Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the very very late update! Work is taking over my life and before I knew it I've completely forgotten to upload the latest page!! @_@
Who's this shady looking fella...
Welcome to Samca~ Be sure to enjoy the company of the friendly locals during your stay.
We finally learn the name of this mysterious place...
Everyone is judging you, Alice...
It's- it's not like I drew this page just so I can draw pretty dresses or anything.......
I dreaded drawing the fountain initially, but it ended up being quite fun to draw :D
New place! :D
September 21st, 2016
Wild hobo appeared.
September 14th, 2016
Seems like we're at the slum-ish part of town.