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I am a guy who likes videogames and sports. But i'm also the Ultim8L1feform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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and here I thought that we would have an awesome duo of destruction ready to fight megaman to the death
This is for Dave
You are always criticized as being and idiot. Are you actually a robotic genious that is smarter than Dr. Light or is what people say about you true?
I cant believe that I read all of that.............Dave is the smartest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'brain explodes'
Already read this comic 2.
I would say either sonic or megaman. Sorry but mario cant compare to the speed and weapons of sonic and megaman respectively
How to beat an easy boss
All you have to do is slide away when he throws his tops and jump over him when he spins at you
WOW you suck at MM3
I dont care what you say. Top man is the easiest robotmaster i have ever faced and i have never died from him once
ok seriously? How long are you gonna wait to continue the story cuz its been at least three months D:
If you haven't seen the trailor then you should definately go to youtube and check it out. It is freaking amazing!!!
Hes as handsome as me
Dr Wily!!! I have an idea on how to destroy... Whose the new guy because hes as handsome as me.