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Name's Cameron; but u can call me Zone if you want. Been on Sj for 4 years? 5? one of the two. Met some of my amazing friends on here; as well as enemies. lol Anyways; i love to roleplay; listen to music, playing League of Legends and write stories, if you ever want to get to know me, or ever have any questions for me. Pm me or add me on skype if you want.

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i'll msg around; and see if i can get anyone to do so. if not; ill do it. I'll have the person reviewing, post a comment, so u know
Sure thats fine. I can do it; ill do both issue 1 and 2 in one setting. just let me know when its finished, and ill go around my work schedule
OMG! sorry this soooo long to produce; just live has been hecktic with moving, and working now; and etc. I forgot about it at one point...not to mention, i had to recreate this 3 different times....Its not as long as other reviews; just for the fact i got tired of redoing it over and over, and i was getting discouraged. But i managed to say what i wanted to. Be warned! file is rather big depending on your screen res. so if u like.

here is a direct link holding ctrl and scrolling with your mouse wheel will minimize it a little allowing for an easier read!!!

^ comic can be found here. Till next time :p Zone out
I wanna be! the very best! Spoon bender there ever was! To collect them is my test! To bend them is my cause!

I dont know where i was going with that honestly...derp.
Welp. Now that my schedule had finally calmed down. A small update to satisfy my comic employer <3

Anyways; so when i read the question ALOT came into my mind, just cause of the fact that he was given this choice before; but under different circumstances many of times throughout yeah...i didnt know how to honestly answer. So; i went with what made sense.

P.S also, something happened during processing and made the text resolution weird. so its kinda blurry to me. maybe thats just me though. idk. sorry about that. Dont know what happened
^ I think u went a little too far bro.
What a party pooper :p I myself would totally be a vampire. Well...also depends on what types of vampires we are talking about. but lets not go there.
and award for "least likely thing my character would do" goes toooooo!!! but eh; i guess this is supposed to be a fun comic
@kai: thanks. and okie, I was actually debating making it a bit bigger, but i went with this size. Now i know. Thanks.

@ult: Ive always been around; just really really really quiet. but last month, i picked up pace, worked on spriting, and etc. So yeah, I'm back
Hey guys. Name is ZoneTH, but u can call me Zone. I'm sure some of you know me. This is my 1st update for A.Q.O.C. So i made it a little over the top in my opinion. forgive me >.< just, wanted to make my 1st update a decent one at least. If it's too weird let me know, ill note it down for future reference. It was alot of fun making this. Can't wait to do more hopefully.
@Luxbot: xD really? thanks i guess.
Welp; since im taking care of the other stuff, might as well put in a character in. His sprites are in the character section, and are constantly being updated with more poses. So yeah, should be fun!....

p.s not my finest work, just i was on a tight schedule and wanted to get this posted, ill put more effort into my next update
again; i need people's sprites. so i can finish the characters page
might i suggest custom pages/sections? for sprites/rooms/etc. Will help keep the archive smaller and easier to navigate
well i'll try more on improving my punctuation.

@CursedBluto: always willing to do so. I'll add it to the list.
@Zocky: thats what i meant. I'm not good with punctuation. yes, surprisingly i did pass high school
@Zocky: yay! More people getting on me about it! woot! *sigh* I just like semicolons i guess. I don't know. I'm just not good at spelling I guess. What can ya do?
@Erik Warhammer: I take it; you want me to add it to the list of reviews?