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Just your average artist. Dabbled in OCT's on Deviantart and decided to take a crack at making a comic of my own.
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"This isn't really how I'd prefer to be tackled by you, but I'll take it"
Thank You
I don't think I've ever commented on your comics before- but I've read them from start to finish. And I just want to thank you for putting yourself out there.

You brought a lot of people solace, you made me laugh at times when I was down, and you've challenged a lot of 'standard' moral views.

Good luck with the kiddo, good luck with your family, and God Bless. I hope your future is a bright one.

Keep going and keep being you!
Sorry guys
The comic felt like it was stifling me- I couldn't work on any other kind of art and not feel guilty. I'm very grateful for the few of you who do follow me, but for now the comic has been shelved and will only be pulled out when I feel up to working on it.
I do not want to give you guys a sub-par comic, and if I worked on it now, that's what you'd be getting.
Thanks again.
Some nights you just can't work.
Why is Louie so cute in the last panel there aaaah
Page 8 is up! I actually really like how this page came out- now I just have to take that motivation and roll on to pages 9 and 10!
I'm Back!
Thanks for the wait guys, it took a month but here is Page 7! I'll get rolling on page 8 asap~
Taking a break
Hello there my few loyal followers. I just want to let you know I'll be taking a "Break" over December. I've been clocking a lot of hours at work, and there's a lot of family stuff comic up, so my time to work on the comic is going to shrink quite a lot.
I'll still be working on it, but very slowly. So thank you for sticking with me!
Okay so page 6 is mostly an excuse for me to practice backgrounds. I hope you guys enjoy it!
And here is page five, sorry for it being a week late;;
Okay not a new page but I thought you guys might be amused by this.
What a spoiled bird! But where would the plot go without it?
Page 3
Thanks for your patience everyone, I'll keep working hard to get page 4 up in a decent amount of time. Sorry for the wait!
Still figuring out the sizing business... but here is page 2!
chapter two, go!
Chapter two, everyone. It starts now!
Hey guys, here's a little proof I am working! Going to try and start getting a page a week up for you all- it doesn't help I have a new job, but hey. MOTIVATION. I want to put this story out for you devoted 9 fans of mine. Have a page 1 preview as thanks!
I couldn't think of a witty or worthwhile comic to doodle for you guys this week, so you get a slightly grumpy Raz with a flower crown.
Welp, that was the end of the first chapter! I'm starting to work on the next chapter, but it's going to take time- I'll try to update once a week with doodles or little scribble comics to tide you over. Thanks for reading!
For a fishy little lass she's good at looking cute isn't she?
I actually finished this chapter a little while ago, and have a few printed copies I've been selling. I decided to continue it past the first chapter, so now I just have to get started again!