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-I love anime.
-I write fanfiction. Mostly Naruto or Harry Potter.
-I love to read.
-I tend to doodle a lot, mostly on homework.
-I'm a Junior in High School.
-I am a fan of Greek Mythology.
-My favorite colors are green, black, and silver.
-I read romance novels.
-My favorite foods are fried chicken and french fries.
-I'm Asian. :D
-I live in Texas.
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ooh! I am so curious as to what Theo is going to say to Sophie!!

I haven't been on smackjeeves in a long time. i'm happy to find that you've updated since i last checked. your story is still as awesome as ever! <33
Is it me or do I see a little self made cameo there. :3

In the fourth panel.
Haha. xD
I didn't mind the "prank style" so much but I do like the old style better.

Imogen? :D
Wo0t, new character!!

At first when I read her bubble, I was like "what? Sophie confessing was NICE of her?" but then I realized you had wrote 'brave'...wooh.

Poor Sophie, everyone is witnessing her love confession.
Wo0t! Update. I love it.
Pwahahah. xD That's what I do to my friend who sits in front of me in English class! xD

Except instead of poking, I run my finger down his spine, because it feels really weird and ticklish. :P

I really love that shiny bald head of the teacher.
All for a kiss. Chess is pretty determined. xD
Ah...I can see why Sophie liked Elliot!

He's a total hottie!!! But I totally understand why he didn't talk to her; he could be trying to give her time to deal with his rejection (which wasn't cruel)

Although...i don't think he really talked to her much anyway, right? xD
Kyaaa!! Teddy's expression is absolutely ADORABLE!

Nope, not offended at all at the word dumbass...I use it all the time. :D

Anywho, I love Theo. His jacket looks freakin' awesome!
Haha. Wow. Her brother is so weird! He is so calm at this guy randomly feeling up his sister!! :P But then again, I only have an older brother so I would have no clue how younger brothers would react in this situation.

I love the second panel. Her pure expression of horror is WONDERFUL!
Ooooh. Doom is emitting from that "sweetpea"...RUN NUN!! RUN!!

Great job on the update. I love how the kids in the back are doing very realistic things. xD Texting...chewing gum...sleeping...staring off into space.!

I love how she's being so calmed as she's being felt up. Although, Adam kind of doesn't know what gender he's feeling up.

But seriously, the name "Soapy Bubbles" I mean "Sophie Bubbles" would kind of give a hint.

Maybe he just wants a little feel-sy. :D
Love the update!
She is gorgeous!! :D

And that guy...didn't he have black hair in the first page? Haha...oh well, I love his puppy ears and tail.

Hope to see more update soon?
Haha. ^_^

She does say it! Awesome. I love how reasonable she is. And how shocked he looks that she doesnt want him to be her boyfriend.
Why do I have feeling she's about to say...

"What the hell are you talking about? Get off my porch!" XP
Update soon!!
Ahh...I want random uber hot guys waking me up in the morning.

Alas, this is but a dream. But wouldn't that make your day a little brighter? A hot (even if he's rude) eyecandy who looks like he wants to walk you to school?
The awkward panels are so funny! Because you can just tell she's just like "*twitch*"