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@Sylveon: How are you able to see what it is? There is just a black shadow o_o
Grace? Want a girl? ...I like a lot
@ScienceGamer01: He's leaning over the table

@Blaze01: Try now

@42Meep: Yes
So...heres the thing, this page was suppose to have a tiny tiny tiny little animated moment, but sadly...I cant get it to properly load on here. So, you'll have to settle for this.

@Blaze01: nope, you dont get a cookie
I am so sorry this got delayed. Stuff happened and I NOW got the chance to post. Wont happen again, promise
@ScienceGamer01: It happens, Im use to it XP

@Duskstorm: Im glad you love it~
@Dark/Light: It'll be every wednesday and saturday
I'm really glad to hear things are working out for you now, and I really cant wait to see what you have planned out.

And yeah, we do need light stuff these days. Too much dark.
It's coming back?
...I can die a happy man
@Kitsune: That isnt a censorship, if you must know XD
NEW Prologue
The NEW prologue for PMDTE, and I am more than positive this is the one that will stay for sure. I just feel more happier with how this one went than the last one. It just...didn't feel right.
@Guest: I'm the creator of this comic
Hiatus for a bit
And so begins the long, sad, grueling hiatus for the comic. For about say a month, two, maybe three for it. If you want more info on why this is happening, please read here

I hope you all have a good day, and thanks again for being patient. And I hope you all are enjoying the story as it is and such! Once I get everything straightened out, PMDTE will resume.
@Guest: There is no tribe. Also I didnt implement the dusk form one. o3o
I apologize for not having it up yesterday.
@Boar: Lycanroc cant learn Mirror coat
Early post
Posting early today. Gonna be a bit busy.