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@42Meep: That wasn't chapter 8. It was a bonus chapter. Its in the Bonus chapters section in the archive.

(I'm glad you're enjoying it~)
@42Meep: They dont need a human to allow mega evolution in PSMD. It works differently in the PMD world it seems.
Double post as an apology for not posting wednesday for internet issues.
If you wish to see pages posted early, be sure to check out https://pmdtecom.wordpress.com/bonus-chapters/
End of chapter 7
And so, chapter 7 comes to a close. HOWEVER! Chapter 8 is not next on the list. I am actually planning something special for PMDTE, a bonus chapter. That'll be next. But, there is something that must be addressed. I'm going to be typing it up in the news section, so be sure to look out for that soon.

Other then that, I hope you all have enjoyed this chapter, and look forward to when the bonus chapter begins.
Heads up on chapter 1
Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick word (which sadly I didn't here earlier) that chapter 1 has been completely edited with new dialogue in the pages. It only was done for chapter 1, and if you wanna now the reason, it was because I was not happy with how chapter 1 didn't flow at all with the rest of the narrative of PMDTE when I re-read it when working on the website.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy today's post!
@darvingeraldhalili: *shrug* since forever? XD I dunno how to answer that. But its nice to see an old reader return~
@Nashew: Actually, those are on purpose. Those are wall edges. It was a brush type I tried out.
@Nashew: When I made the pages after the last one, I started using a different technique
The first panel is so freaking lovely
@Nashew: No. They all knew he could use aura.
@Boar: Yeah. He's a shadow Pokemon.

@Maka152: I dont go by eye color for the games. They will always be different. His are a certain type of orange.
@Nashew: Sorry, hope that didn't come off as insane or anythin
@Nashew: Look, I made this part just for laughs. I'm not gonna have everything be 100% be like real life. Infact I'd rather it just be for fun. So PLEEEEAAASE just laugh or don't laugh and not analyze. It's just a comic.