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I'm looking forward to when you make more comics, cuz I will always enjoy when you post new content.
Because new content is bae
I just realized, that your dad, with that hat. Almost looks like an old version of Jontron. And you have a bird. Parallels are being drawn here.
I've noticed this is the only account where I spell mustache correctly. (Every other I add an 'o' after m).
But I have something to say. Do you know MatPat? He's better known on the internet as the Game Theorist, and his channel has a million subscribers, and he's very close to breaking the two million mark. But before he attained internet fame, he was depressed and jobless, but you can learn about that in his Draw My Life Video.
Sound familiar? Well, I'm not comparing you exactly as MatPat, but what I am saying is that to lift himself up, he produced content and he soon gained a strong legion of fans.
You (I don't know how many fans this has) already have a strong legion of fans, myself included, so you have an advantage of MatPat.
So I've forgotten what the point of this comment was, but I'm going to say that if you produce more content at a regular basis each better than the last, maybe you'll be at the same level as that Tycho webcomic.
Walls of text, am I right guys?
I love new content
It's been a year since I've first seen your webcomic. Whenever I go to your site, there's always a joy when I see you've uploaded another comic.
We all go through writer's block or some shit like that (I've only recently gotten out of a writer's block) but when you get the motivation to write and draw a comic every week or so, I'll be there to gush over every one of them.
One Piece
It's kinda like how Luffy would always yell "THAT'S SO COOL!" whenever a villain or ally did something awesome.
Few women can pull off the short hair look. You are one of those few.
This is your best. That is very witty.
Ah yes, this reminds me of a picture on iFunny. Where this lesbian couple walks through the mall or something, and this guys yells "WOOH". They wave back at a young girl, but her mother covers her eyes and says "Don't wave at them," Then this guy comes up to them and says "Bless you Both, keep on fighting.
One of them asks what it's like for straight couples, and her partners says "Quieter I guess."
In my book, the main character believes in the Big Guy in the sky (though she's not very religious) and she is a lesbian.
@otakulys: dude. You broke the system
Book with L themes
Well there was Chasing Amy.
Yeah. Why are women so intimidating?
Yeah. Why are women so intimidating?