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it was at that moment he realised he ducked up
you captured Steven's niavety perfectly
sneaky sneaky diamond
oh god
this page just made me laugh s much at the thought of her just suffocating steven in her bosom
bawling my eyes out
this made me remember when this happened to our Lady
though because im stubborn we waited even longer and she was even blind by the time see went to sleep :(
oh no
i hope someone remembers the last thing they were told not to do is something stupid
mismatched socks
i feel that scream
ooh i'm just so curious
ohhhh i'm ready to cry, this is so beautiful
Pokemon why
I've been playing omega ruby for a week and frantically digging through trash cans to find nothing
it is at this point stressing me out majorly
pokemon log
aren't we all tired of the blatant favoritism going on in each and every pokemon game
squee i so love this comic
as usual i'm super excited for the next pages
alll hail the update @w@
@Takako-Jin: i wish he would
so yeah did i ever tell you guys about the time winnie the poo betrayed me and helped me fail my spanish test
awh hell nawh
where i live we have constant problems with the electricity. the whole neighbor hood goes out and often in the freaking summer
your readers understand because they too like to sleep during all their free time
ever thought you could be hipster for a reason