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Harro there : D

Just drawing manga in my free time ^^
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I sort of feel my style has changed tremendously lol;;; I'm currently in Korea studying haha;; I asked my mum to send over my tablet so I can draw so hopefully I could throw in some updates! <3
ohohohooooo, you use sai now? xDDDDD <3333 great art btw! <33
omggg love his expression. uhuuu~~ this is win. <33333 semes cant resist if they see this!!!
oh yeah, i saw it.. but for some reason.. i cant access it...?
eh? i went to the yya forum and i dont see a new application... @___@ or maybe im blind? orz
oh la laa~~ seksi.
omgshhh. so hawt.
kyahahah! how cute! love his expression~ xD
ohmygosh sora!!!!!1!1!!1 WOW, reme looks so hawt and seme here! man, you have seriously improved -you're too awesome!! >3< <33333333 Aja Aja!
omggg awesome update. <333333 xD this comic is so epic! i cant wait for more updates!! <33 keep it up ewroin unnie~
oh my gosh. your art is so amazing. So intricately detailed! i love it!! : DD i love it how you use korean fruit/vegetable names for characters.. hence the comic name. orz. :DD you happen to be korean? : D
-nosebleed- ;; Dyce looks so hot in the last panel!!
homfggg, that is so cute! xDD "i kind of really like cheese~!" <333
uwooooo!!!!! Saja looks so smexy hereeeee <3333 kyah! how cute "the one i love.. Chase" <3
@animefreak, you still havent drawn miyuko in the 2nd last panel? kyahhh i wanna see more of miyukooo DDDDDD:..
accidentaly made saja an uke and chase a seme.. xDD incase we couldnt make out what the hell i was drawing... Chase has an idea and is going to do something to Saja~~ <3333
someone draw the next part~~ <33
PUHAHAHAH. WTF reme. so sudden.
asdfghjkl. <333 chase is so cute~~~ X3333 im gonna draw him with saja nowwwwww ~~~~
HUR HURRR, we all know whats going to happen next. xDD >:DD 1 more page until Miyuko comes up! We'll try to upload asap.

HAHAH, cheesy lines FTW.
finally holidays for mee! YUSS! so, since i am free from assignments and homework (but not from studying..) i can finally upload more pages!~ so please look forward to seeing more pages! seriously, they will come up later in the week! VERY SOON!

EDIT: Okay, there are 2 pages left until Miyuko FINALLY comes up!! kyahahh! -anticipates- xDDDD