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hella rad

I draw things. they're okay, maybe.
i flipping lost it at 'dickhead extraordinaire'
It seems like either a Growlithe or a Vulpix to me, but I'm leaning more towards Growlithe. I can't wait for the next update uvu!!
I'm gonna miss Cogito so much aaaah
This comic is so amazing. I can't wait for more.
December 26th, 2013
I do, and she is a total cutie
This looks hecka cute
This is amazing, and it's fine you couldn't update, this is great enough. What is the Miiverse? I haven't heard of it.
I only just realized that Amy, Rory and Matt were all doctor who references. This is genius.
nice art and good use of plot, I think I might follow this uvu
Great update! I love the way it's all sciency and stuff, and that Bianca isn't so insecure anymore.
Are there going to be other cameo contests in the future?
aw man, i've only started reading this now but it's great ;v;
your art seems to get better with every page. I mean, wow.
Congrats!! uvu
That was beautiful. I was really convinced that Jojjo was going to die.
Your nuzlocke has to be my favorite, it's both humorous, plot-oriented, and very morbid. My nuzlocke would probably suck if I'm not drawing inspiration from people like you.
November 17th, 2013
I really really like this drawing style, it's so simplistic and quick but attractive nonetheless.
This comic seems to have a really good plot I can't wait for more ;v;
You have no idea how happy I was to see that this updated. I am hella glad that I kept this on my favorites list.
Also, you had me a little scared there with Feliks wanting to go home. I thought it was an in-comic message that you were quitting or something.
Oh my goodness, what a cutie. uvu
Your art is so wonderful, and I really really admire the way you turn everything in the game into a larger plot so that it's really like a story instead of just a generic Pokemon comic.
October 13th, 2013
I have a question: how long does it take usually to make one of these pages? They're so detailed and pretty it makes me wonder uvu
I can't seem to tell who Cogito is calling a fag, but it seems to fit all of them, I think.
I love the way you incorporate the in-game events into a more complex plot. It's really hard to do, but you pulled it off extremely well. That's another reason this might have become my favorite Nuzlocke, and I've read a lot of good ones. Wowie. uvu
i'm commenting way too much on this. but honestly the way you draw pokemon is wonderful especially sandshrew, he is adorable. uvu keep it up!!
I feel bad for Puck.
He's witnessed so much, and he's so little. Such graphic ways of his best friends being torn apart... Poor kid. :C