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That was quite difficult to choose a favourite character. I was deciding between Avery, Callum and Richey.
Ouch. Avery will have to take that top of quick and maybe even jump back under the shower to cool down the burn. I would have trouble living with someone who talks non stop. But if he cooks moussaka I may cope.
Well that's a pretty good reason Avery. At least he's made a decision and communicating what he wants.
@Biscuit: "It was a fun fight to write!"
It was a fun fight to read and laugh at too. Thanks.
Oh Callum looks a little shocked. I hope he doesn't mind that kiss because I like the thought of these two together.
I laughed at Avery in the last panel. His happiness is so wonderful, beautiful and so cute XD
@Biscuit: yes, I probably will change my mind again. I already change my opinion back and forward between a rough, violent, rude, uncouth lout and then he turns on the charm and seems sweet. I think he is probably deceiving in his behaviour only to get what he wants.
Aww angel, Owen can definitely be sweet and charming. That kiss on Cally Wally's :D cheek makes me wonder how close is Owen with Callum.
Lovely couple of pages. Avery definitely has gorgeously coloured dreams :)
Kay's almost sounding like he cares about Dale. Unless it is selfish reasons and he doesn't want to share any of the drugs they have on the premises for personal use. Or Kay is just saying what he thinks Jack would like him to say.
Welcome back. Awesome cover, love the colours and details, beautiful work, thank you :)
These guys really have some troubles. Kay is such a nasty piece. I hope Dale gets away from the situation he is in one day.
Ha, Avery sure has got it bad, fallen hard for Callum. He is so cute though, especially every time his face turns pink :)
September 29th, 2014
"Mom put some pants on" - hahaha, not something I expected to hear.
September 29th, 2014
No worries, cat cuddles always should be first priority.
September 25th, 2014
Oh Val, that's right you should look unhappy. I wonder what your motives were?
September 25th, 2014
I love Val's eyes :)
@Biscuit: No not my kitten, just one I found on the internet on this tumblr site (men and kittens) very cute if you like men and kittens :)
Look out Callum you'll burn your hand with that coffee if you don't take your eyes of of Avery for two seconds. Haha Cyril, I bet Richey just loves his middle name. Is poor Alan going grey already? I did know a girl once who started going grey in her early 20's though, she had younger siblings too.
@Biscuit: Yeah I suppose I do try and see the good in most people, but I can be realistic and see that maybe Jack and/or the unseen guy have selfish reasons to make sure Dale doesn't get addicted to drugs or OD and die.