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Hello I'm Yassa !
Art is my passion, manga my inspiration <3
And here I am again!
Well, I have to admit that I haven't drawn more than this page -_- which means I have no clue when the next update will be... sorry!

In the past few weeks I had problems with my freaking tablet ( bamboo touch thingy ) with the pen pressure, but today finally worked!

Ok, this page looks really boring and.. uh, well, WEIRD. Persian looks like he's on drugs or something o_O ( the first panel )

And, by the way, Mirazie has opened the new contest for "Lost Love", and one of the prizes will be a drawing made by moi ! :D So check it out:

And more links XD!

My DA account:

My youtube account ( cuz' I'm so hardcore ! )

sorry for spamming and shamelessly advertising ô_o
Hi guys!
No new pages, sorry!
Just a quick little update: A made a really messy 16-pages special :D
If you want to read it, start here:
( and just click "next" in the description for the continuation <3 )

By the way, someone made a PikaSemeChu group on DA :love: please join >D< that'd make moi happy! :D

The Group can be found here:

oh... And if you guys have any questions, please visit my account ^__^!

cya my babies :D!
April 12th, 2010
This is unfortunately the last page I've drawn so far...I don't know when the next update will be, but I promise it won't take like... 6 months :o
Don't give up on me, I'll definitely not dissapoint you my dear fans/friends/curious ppl/haters/darlings/babies <33~


Guys! My best friend, Mirazie, is holding a contest very soon ( starting in May ) and the winner will get a picture drawn by MOI ^.^~ So stay tuned at her page :

and don't forget to read the rules when the time comes :D ~
April 10th, 2010
You'll never guess xD;;
YOU guys... seriously rock my socks :D
In the past few days, I've got around 70 PM's (!) ...I'm so overwhelmed...
THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really means alot to me since so many of you offered me help..
thank you! I'm sorry I couldn't get to answer you all of you back, I really intented to send replies back, but.. so many PM's and so little time D:
Didn't really think so many of you were such Grammar nazi's xD !
My new Betareader is btw Mikenno <3 thank you for being my new "editor" xD
And to all of you...Thanks again!! <3

Ok, and about this page:
No, Ash didn't get raped.
Yeah, I know... most boring chapter page EVER T-T sorry guys!

By the way...
I have a favour to ask please... ;A;
I need a Beta reader... my english grammar sucks, so I need someone who can look through the finished pages and correct the (thousands XD ) grammar mistakes before I upload them here...
Please PM me if you're intrested ^-^
Thank you in advance, I'd really really appreciate your help!
can't believe where I'm standing right now xD
thanks for everything ^.^!
March 29th, 2010
Pikachu being schizophrenic? O__o

Dormking by Konohana
( if you're into cute mangastyle and shojostories, you should check it out x3 )

And... maybe I should start answering some questions in the author comment section...

Maiumaora: No, they can't use their powers after they've turned human...

questions XD ???
March 27th, 2010
Hey hey hey..
Wait a sec.
Did I just miss something or what?


wait and see what happenes next goddammit XD

I don't like this page. It looks weird. The text is weird....only Pikachu looks just the way I wanted xD

Panel 1 looks REALLY WEIRD. xD especially with the tail sticking out of his ass...AGAIN ! OTL
Panel 2+3 shows Pikachu taking off Ash's vest...coat- thingy ô_o

As for the voice..
You will understand at the end of this Chapter :B
March 24th, 2010
Oh... I know I've mentioned it a couple of times, but....

Here's my DA account:

March 21st, 2010
Where the hell do all the fans come from XD ? srsly, I'm shocked to see the number of fans rising so much in such a short amount of time..O______________O
March 17th, 2010
5800 fans?!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DIES*

THANK YOU !!! (__ __)
s..SIMON?! *dies*
he looks so cool in your style XD
March 14th, 2010
HOLY CRAP last panel gone bad dude O.O .. *sight*
Yeah, so Pikachu got too big AGAIN.
Sorry xD

By the way, I totally forgot to advertise for awesome webcomics as I promised *headshot*
here we go: by NijiDono
--> she has a totally awesome style! The story is originally made by Mirazie <3
March 10th, 2010
Hi again!
Wow, everytime I check the comment section you guys make me breathless... I mean, seriously, when I first started uploading, I was sooo sure of getting my ass kicked out of Smackjeeves xD

A comic called "PikaSemeChu" ?

I thought This would be deleted after a short time, but... no, you guys hung until the very end (or..until HERE at least :P ). This makes me soo happy, and I'll give my best to make things as good as possible! Even though... you guys have to know that I'M NOT PERFECT, I know I need to practice a lot of things ( which I don't have the time for...) please bear with me and just let me get better with time ^_^.

Yup, the following pages may seem reaally confusing, but just ....hang on xD
I think updates will be every third day.
Thanks guys!
Did you miss me? >xD ~

What can I say?
I've been quite busy with pretty much everything ... but I'm back baby XD!
so prepare for comic-update-spamm ò_ó
Woow, I LOVELOVE your artwork! You don't use tones that much, but it's still very very pretyy :3 I like your style, and the pokemon's too <3
September 18th, 2009
Good morning lovely guys =3!

First: NOO ash didn't get pushed on the previous page xD I've simply used that "trick" too much... he's just surprised/shoked seing pikachu's angry face....I'm sorry if it looked like pushing again >.<

Oh, and this page....hmm, I haven't written soo much in one page EVER XD
Again, Pikachu's's really nice to finally write down what pikachu actually is feeling.. even if it's one single page, I think you get an idea of his condition.

yeah, and..uhm, I know I have to practise more with kisses..
AND bodies (pikachu's always TOO big XDD )

/// EDIT
thanks to those who corrected the error in the last panel ^^
September 17th, 2009
Again, pikachu's thoughts in the black boxes´..( from panel 4 and onwards ).

I haven't drawn any new pages, so hopefully I can pull myself together and draw a bunch of pages again >.< (when I draw on this comic, I usually draw about 3-6 pages and tone them at once before updating... much easier for me and you guys, because of the daily update which last about a week or more XDD )
September 16th, 2009
Yay two pages for you lovely guys<3

Hm..I don't like the previous page ..and this one?
Well, I kinda hate and love this page..
What I don't like:
- Ash looks like a girl... (specially in panel 5...)
- Pikachu's Hand....OMFG, the BIG fat mot*er*ucke* HAND XDD
- Ash's lips in panel six... *sigh*

But apart of that, I think it turned out ok hehe xD

Ps. My Deviantart account: