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read me comics, yo. ♥
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    Vinnie L.
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April 20th, 2008
~ i like the reaction you chose, it shows her soft side. more!.
your work has such a nice feeling to it...~♥
HA HA HA. ^^;;
Don't Ever Do that again... 8|
hey, this is fun!.
if my brother would have found me a boyfriend i would probably... kick him in the face.
my brother that is, the boy i might keep. >XDD
*waiting for more*
April 19th, 2008
Colors yay!.
ch1 final!
March 11th, 2008
teehee, sorry i should have made it clearer, the elevator is one of the court's transportation machines, and it works on time.
but it's going back 10min before it should have. it's Not suppose to happen!, there's only one thing that can make it go wrong so bad, magic.
i Was going to explain that in the next page. but you win.XD.
deep blush......... thank you.
character Development iz the shiz!.
and your gonna get it alot here.
why Thank You!! 8D
yay! =]
he's Single again Ladies!;p
XD that's Andria the evil lawyer.
I like her :D
i'm sorry did i scare you with all that comment flow?...XD.
i just had to comment!
years in LJ's yaoi communities, can do that to you XD.
ok, now i got totally into it.
and i just now have to wait for the next update... life sucks. (go metis!)
i just want to ask what kinds of pens u use for this comic?
it will be great help if you answer...♥