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Nuuu! He did that like 7 times 4 pages ago! :O
I like this page. X3
Yeah, this is one of my favorite pages. :)
April 2nd, 2008
Lol! I thought the same thing as Kurayami! "Here I come to save the day!!!" X3
April 2nd, 2008
Lol!! Love the Lord of the Rings quote! XD
April 2nd, 2008
I love that song...Love your art too! ^^
Ah, thank you, suicidoll. I'll try to finish the next page soon. It's already drawn, I just need to tone it. No promises though...

Love your name btw. =3
Bwahahahahahaaa~!! Jiro rocks... >=3
So like..I spent nearly 6 hours on this page and it still turned out looking half-arsed. ;___; I'm outta practice at photoshop...
Ahahaha!! I missed this comic! <3

YAY!! I'm glad!

And you did. But don't be sorry!! It's a good thing! If you hadn't done so, there probably would not be this page posted right now! x3
Wha! <3 Addicted, you say?! My, my, I suppose I shall have to keep the updates coming so you don't start having withdrawls!! :D :D

Also, I don't recall seeing you before. New reader? Welcome! *3*
*tsk tsk*
Fyi; the "voice" is male. And it's supposed to be all creepy and echo-ish. Im going to try and simulate what he sounds like...maybe. O=>
This page is dedicated to Zhai for making me feel bad about not having a new page in so long. Looky, looky! A colored panel and everything!! xD I hope you like!
T-T I know. I just failed at life all through the end of December and all of January. Dx I actually have some pages that are sitting in Photoshop, just waiting for me to tone them, but I want to shoot myself in the foot everytime I use the computer that Photoshop is on because it's soooooooooo slooooooooooooowww. T-T Anyway, don't worry, I'ma get some pages up soon, definately by monday, there should be one. =O
Lol!!! The "Me" panel is awesome!! <3
Yeah, he's going a bit mental. XD lawl
Lawl! Naked-ocity is gonna be my favorite word now! <3

8D Fave to your hearts content!! Pls&thx!
Ah, Kryven is deliciously demented! <3
Er....>>....I don't know what that is supposed to mean...
What? Maybe he showers really well. XD Lawl