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the image seems blurry to me. not like really blurry but enough to where it seems im wearing glasses too strong if you know what im saying
i think you could make the pages a bit bigger just for the fact of every word is written and not typed so it s hard to sometimes read otherwise youre doing ok from what ive read and seen so far
lol .
so wher4e can we get the printed books if already available?
okayyy im just curious here...... between julien and adam who is top and who is bottom?(if they were to have been together already)
and same goes with marc and adam. because to me (this is my own idea lol ) adam seems like hed be the bottom and marc would be the top.
your comic is one of my favorites!
would it be possible for me to buy one later this month or in june? i really love this comic and would like a copy but vehicle issues and moving are draining my bank for a bit
youve made my day just by coming back to do the comic. ive gotten hooked.
@CuteMissyCat: lol i was actually that same when i read the end. my heart stopped and i was like nooooooooooooo.
and here i thought itd be mr irony. lol you tease! getting my hopes up with the suspense! lol but anyway i love the comic
geez hiro just blurt it out to the world why dont you?
love it sooo much im always checking for updates
December 19th, 2014
im loving his posessive like face its like sick but possesive. you have no idea how freaking happy i was to see this had updated. i actually just went through and read the whole thing again lol but anyways loving the comic!
okay so transfusions is like the only reason i get on SJ anymore and seeing that i can buy transfusions merchandise was like a "yay" moment. i threw my hands in the air and yelled i know what i want for christmas and my boyfriend looked at me funny. he doesnt get my boys love fandom but its ok. :D
@amanduur: happy birthday lol hope you had fun
Lol yeah I saw that hat and was like why does he look familiar?.... N then I was like oh waldo!
@inbar-chan: I hope they dont. Then he'd be a total killjoy and a whiny coward
Those eyes
go i love those eyes. its like hes gazing sexily at dylan saying "you know you want me" lol love this page !!!!!
@Tessabel: you know i thought of lemongrab too when i first saw this charater. i was like 0_0 nose.....
@sazzysasu: I 100% agree i wish my art work looked that cute
okay so i just happened upon this comic and i will tell you now i absolutely LOVE it. the story isnt bad at all ,it kept me interested. plus i love your artwork.