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I'm weird and uh I like things, mostly music, books and comics. So I made this to tell people that I love their comics and stuff and rate their awesomeness
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Cinder please \(//∇//)\
Your art is really good and I really love this comic. I want to cosplay as keratin but lord is that sweater hard to find, keep up the amazing work \(//∇//)\
@Andrew Wolfwood: I see Veronica on Adrian's underpants
Beautifully done like freakin perfect
I didn't notice that he's wearing the Willows headband until I reread the comic for the 3rd time, wow I'm so observant
Hahaha Cassie and Ruby's face XD
Hahaha I thought Cassie didn't have any money XD
Aww poor Bruno :( dispite him only popping up this one time he's one of my favourite characters
BRUNO!!!!!! :D
Teehee I have this poster, I bought it when you guys came around for Phoenix Comicon :) I just wish I was there the last day to collect all the cards but oh we'll there's always next year