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The color of the smell of rain man

I like animals and depressing stories...
But I won't combine the two much, haha.

I love webcomics about dark themes and cute animals, so if you want me to read yours go ahead and ask. c:
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Oh man this took longer than expected hngh
So this is where Zuchini lives

(This is a place in Halima, Halima is the whole region lol)
ya know what I sat for a while thinking of a pun and there are none okay
Cuts are surprisingly fun to draw
July 9th, 2013
Ah this is so CUTE
I love it so far~
this best comik evar 5 staRs gr8
I don't think a cat afraid of dirt will kill you though
Oops this took a long time
Stupid tablet
Oh look humans
shhh shhhh the animals are coming
Ahh cute little animal comics, my favorite

I love this~ c:
Oh wow, this is beautiful artwork~
And it Begins
I'm super excited to start this comic~!
Zuchini will update at random for now, but a more consistent system will eventually come into place.
And so begins our big adventure...