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ted the saiyanfox
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I sense another flashback or someone is gonna come out retirement
Somehow I doubt that these elders were of pure thought
I can imagine Meta Knight saying this in a cute voice: "I'm not adorable! I am a knight! Fear me!"
I'm now imagining this battle having the music called "Battle Against a True Hero" despite it doesn't fit in this context
Meta Knight didn't see it comiiinnnggg!
like on the previous page: It's cute until you see Kirby beating or eating other cute things. This why you even be cautious of cute things
it's cute until you realize Kirby is beating or eating other cute things.
Well I hope Ket doesn't go to the world that has "Deadpool" levels of insanity
I sense those orders have to do with killing/harming a love one of Blair.
If it is Demuru and Silverado, well I can't really blame them. If you remember way back to when Demuru and Silverado last talked to Ket, they talked about not able to hold off their goddess's orders any longer. Meaning, they very much are forced at this point.
Blair: "Laser Hi-Five!"
Erza: "What?!"
Blair: "Too slow!" *smack Erza down with laser hand*
smells like a BBQ
So how long is this beating of Erza going to be before she returns the favor?
Is Ket using her claws or magic?
it's nice to see the fighting style of the Fourth-wall breakers every now and then
@Pika: I don't think he knows how to do that yet
I didn't see what happened but it's obvious that Blair is at fault here (not really)
Anyone would love to fly, except the people who have fear of heights
@Shard: nah, I'm saying she shouldn't take either side as both sides has more cons than pros.
the best stance is the neutral stance, cause it means you don't give a fudge about either side no matter how right they are