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@Jot: D:
December 20th, 2014
YES. You are back °A°
December 10th, 2014
Haha, I really like that concierge-dino :D
I hope it won't suddenly kill everyone, cause that'd be terrifying u__u
This page was still a sketch this morning. Never drew so fast. I honestly didn't think it would be done for today.
It went a little like this :
"Hnnnnn I posted 4 pages last time, so only 2 pages is okay... right ?"
-almost forgotten motivation slaps me in the face- "NOPE"
"Buuut I want to sl-" -SLAP-

Number of fans jumped to 341, you're all crazy <3 -Mareep hug-

I've been kindly invited by very nice people to Pokemon Crossroads and Pokemon Rebellion has its own sub-forum !
(they thought giving me reponsabilities would be a good idea somehow)
It's not public yet, I will post the link here as soon as it is :D

For now you can find other Pokemon webcomics forums there, go check it out !
---> LINK

Shout-out to @GoldFlareon who is listing all of my typos and embarassing phrasing in the comic that I forgot to correct or was too
lazy to rephrase u__u' Big thank you, I wouldn't have had the courage to re-read all of it to find them ^^ I'll correct it eventually, when my motivation
raise again, in all its glory \*_*/
Hmmm. I feel like seing Interstellar.
(Intend to, just want to see it in original subtitled version, a strangely RARE thing here 'cause of hellish distribution)

And go Butters !
November 6th, 2014
Welcome back :D
@XlvMckaydvlX: You have no idea how happy you just made me :D
Your colours are so majestic (*___*) Happy Halloween :D
I kinda like this page.
Not because it took ages to draw all these trees and pavement OF COURSE NOT THAT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS,
but because as you can see by this oh so little cliffhanger (a thing I do not abuse AT ALL), it leads
to a scene I'm currently storyboarding and it's important and I don't want to screw up hahahahaha ha.

(I MIGHT compose my pages so they end with a cliffhanger.)
I am deeply sorry for my sudden and unexplained silence, I hope everyone is okay.
I will try to meet the deadlines from now on, if not with 3 pages at least with something (;__;)
I got stuck, but I finally managed to finish the pages I was working on.

So in an attempt to appease the Deadlines Gods there will be 4 pages this Sunday, and I'm very excited
because a scene I really enjoyed writing is coming very soon :D
A lot of things I enjoyed writing are yet to come and I think and hope you'll like it !
@blazingdragon123: Hiiiii raising from the dead to answer this: ...
I can't really answer this. Like you said, for the sake of the plot. I'll try to keep you surprised (or at least entertained)
but yeah eventually you'll (hopefully) have an idea of the situation, the story will grow in an interesting way. Hopefully. Probably.

Also, to anyone reading this, I'm not dead, just a big mess right now. Sorry, the pages are on their way, thank you for your patience.
September 22nd, 2014
@XlvMckaydvlX: Thanks :D I kinda like it, maybe I'll keep it for now :3
(And because I'll probably forget to change it everytime anyway. That too.)
September 22nd, 2014
@SilverGamer56: Sneacky little Drowzee >:)
September 22nd, 2014
Yep it's Monday and the next page should be finished tomorrow BUT I've already missed yesterday's update so have these 2 for the moment, I'm so sorry.

BUUUUUT. See this little thingy ? That's right, 1 year anniversary ! I actually feared it would turn like all of my journals, abandoned after 2 weeks.
I'm suprising myself :D And 1 year and almost 300 fans later I'm more motivated than ever :)

Also I might create a Patreon in the future, don't know when, just an idea, we'll see. I need to sleep u__u
@Nightfury: The only thing I'll say is that only 1 pokemon would be boring.... :)

Thanks for your awesome support, don't worry I won't abandon this comic, this update was just disorganized and chaotic u__u

And I'm pretty proud of my creepy Drowzee :D
One day I'll stop putting cliffhanger every 3 pages.
But not today.

Sorry for the delay, it's almost 9 am and I just finished these pages BUT LOOK, I DREW SOME FIREFLIES.

@contescomic: M-m-mais, mais c'est ADORABLE (;__;) Ça me touche beaucoup, merci je sais pas quoi dire (°__°)
@ClareSilver47: Fixed, thanks !
271 fans. I like that. Here, have an update.