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Thank you for your patience.
Tune in next time when, after drawing trees for tens of pages, I attempt to draw actual architecture and interior design.
Hey you ~
Not dead, just overwhelmed by a bunch of life things.
I was hoping to post 5 pages at once to make up for the wait but at the rate this is going the next update was gonna take forever.
So here's a couple of pages for now.
Happy Pride Month <3
Aaaand I'm back.
Sorry again for the wait, I very much dislike how sporadic these updates have become. Besides irl stuff I've been trying new things art-wise and it took me longer than expected.
Hopefully it's worth the wait. And if the slow burn is getting frustrating, don't worry, we're gonna shake things up soon :)
Sorry for the slight delay, this week's been particularly busy.
I have now officially caught up with my buffer, back to making pages from scratch yaaaay
@DaWubber: whoops you're right, fixed it! And thanks :D
God these pages were both really fun and really tedious to draw, but I'm pretty happy with them. Thanks again for everyone's support!
I'm gonna stick with updating twice a month for now, will keep you posted for any changes. Hope you're all doing great :)
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot, especially reading what readers enjoy and get from the story in details. Really glad I'm able to convey the atmosphere, I can picture everything clearly but constantly worry about successfully conveying it to others. Am I showing too much, not enough, is this mysterious or just confusing, how do others who don't see the full picture yet read my story?
I think I've found a good balance, but my perception of my own work will always be skewed.
Thank you again :)
@mrjacob77: adfkjhfgljhsd THANK YOU I'm just as happy to get new readers !!!
@pootis: always LOVE seeing a string of comments from readers ! So glad you're enjoying the ride :D
Not gonna lie, I really like this page.
Hope everyone's doing fine. I still need to sort some things out irl, sorry about that.
I'll see you all in 2 weeks, sorry sorry sorry
I know I sound like a broken record but thank you all for your comments, reading them always leaves me giddy and laughing like a maniac waiting for her evil plan to unfold
@Etaith: Hi, sorry for the late reply, also fuck do you have any idea how reassuring that was??? I stress and overthink very easily, and if we're being honest, after such a long hiatus I feel both really happy about being back, and really nervous about trying not to fuck it up again. So thank you, it really means a lot.
Aaand we're back.
Thank you for your patience :)
A few words.
Even if I could devote myself entirely to drawing (which is the goal, but currently impossible because of Lifeā„¢), 3 pages/week is barely sustainable and I was only able to upload that much because of my buffer. I now realize how crazy of a workload that represents. (well I realized it a while ago but was hoping I could somehow find a way to make it work)
It feels nice to offer several pages at once, so maybe I should upload in bulk, but less frequently ? Would that be okay ? I'm probably overthinking this but I don't like feeling unprepared and now I'm rambling.
@or19937: Thank YOU for sticking around :D
@Silent1047: aaaaaaaaaa thank you so much
I love when lurkers creep out of the shadows to give feedback :D (no shade, I'm a lurker myself, really need to comment more)
@TerrytheTeryx: *finger guns* ayyy
@SentryBeat: mwahahahaha
@Sparrow726: asdfdhfg:kjhbdf!jsdf I appreciate any feedback I get but this kind of comment is always a pleasure to read !
Knowing someone not only enjoy my story but is willing to say why in so much details blows my mind and gives me life
Thank you so much
Hi everyone !
Once again, thank you so much for all your comments, I'm delighted to see everyone so invested !
However, unless I change my mind, I won't update next week. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, and I still have a bunch more pages done, but I'm burning through my buffer so I'm giving myself one week to work without feeling like I'm gonna run out of new pages too quickly. It gives me the time to breathe and prepare the rest of the webcomic without stressing like the anxious goblin I am.
Sorry for the inconvenience :( I'm very excited to show you where everything is going so please stick around ~