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Oh he means "bit" not "bi-
November 23rd, 2017
If you put "little wuss" in red text instead of bolding it I would've laughed.
Because when I thought about it I did XD
@Nashew: Please.
If anything, she's dabbing in that second to last panel.
Also peep game the Gurdurr's triggered face when Avis asks him about psychics
Yeah I know, my triple update is all over the place. My schedule'll be a bit wonky for the rest of this week, but trust that I'll catch up on updates. Got 1 left on the triple and then next Sunday. I'M GETTING BACK INTO IT, BEAR WITH ME.
cone guy is dabbing in the first panel
Update 1 of the triple update leading up to Sunday! yaaaaay

So first key! The story is finally making progress thank GOD.
Hey guys! Yeah, college prep is overwhelming me, so no update this Sunday. I WILL have THREE UPDATES over the course of this next week up to NEXT Sunday, however, to make up for it! But everyone who's been a senior knows the struggle, right?


are all my fans younger than me

SO yeah just hold on to your butts. I'm trying to get this chapter done for you guys as quickly as possible amidst the face of all the stuff a first-semester senior's gotta deal with. Toodle-oo!
@Ultizeta: collab-I mean, bear with me. It doesn't always look like that.
"It's a tricky one, isn't it?"

gotta love that boi showing up at the right time
I had a good little chortle at this one
I do not lie, I literally went "ooooooooh noooooooo" when I read that fourth panel.
The deepest of deep that they can go.
Nothin' but a font change right quick
Also if you was on Smackjeeves before this got posted and saw my avatar it was kinda spoilers
I just changed it early because I knew I wouldn't remember the next day :p
I honestly like the panel plus my old avatar was trrrrraaaaashhhh
Hey wait
So Shoal was fighting that Corphish
And then got Critted
And stopped fighting
And then Brody beat the Corphish and evolved
And while we're on the topic of Return, the aftermath of the fight left Shoal a bit less happy
And in the real games, if a pokemon FAINTS, they lose a bit of happiness.
Shoal just lost some happiness.
So basically
Shoal was fighting, got critted, stopped fighting, and lost happiness.
Whats in that special cake, Ben?
Can I have some-I'll stop
Looks like they're going deeper. I wonder where to...
And look! The whole Pencil Powerz cast made a cameo in one panel. Go check us out if you're beyond bored. We're kinda funny.
n word i know you didnt just post krillen with shrimp boi im boutta