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Hm...about me eh? Well, I don't like talking about me, so no info for you XD
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Wow am I dreaming or did this suddenly become active again? :D

I wouldn't mind picking this up again, could be a good motivation to start drawing more :)
the plane crashed and everyone's on a jungle island, and some people got lost in the confusion! D: Now whaaaattttt???

Also: everyone's already conveniently dressed in swimwear! Hooray!
I like the mood it has, the colors and the simplicity of it. :)
January 16th, 2011
Still not dead. 2011's resolution: this comic needs to continue at all costs.

Thank you all for sticking with me. You guys are way too good to me, you really ought to kick me for not updating like this.../guilt
wow, it's been so long... I don't want this to die though... but then again, I don't draw anything lately so I probably won't be contributing much... let's see what the others say first (if they react, that is...)
It still continues! Yesh!
Indeed, I am still alive, omgwtfbbqwithsprinklesontop! It's been a long time since I got to draw something for myself (I've graduated and now I've started studying animation film, but they hate this style, damnit -_-) so I kinda enjoyed this. BUT I have rsi in my right arm and so I can't draw longer than about 30mins SO no spiffy screentones. I hope I can pick this comic back up and update more...
ok sooooo,'s the deal: I thought I uploaded this comic waaaaaaay back I february, but in some magical-unicorn-popsickle-rainbow-mysterious way my memory seems to be WRONG. Who knew? So here you have it, the page that SHOULD have been gathering dust here for over three months, but mysteriously didn't...yeah...

and also: omg new character whut
December 27th, 2009
I wanted to try my new markers, and the first thing that popped into my mind was this.
Dyce looks a bit older here, no? Plus, I forgot his horns T_T but I don't feel like fixing it...and I had to make it jpg 'cuz it was too big...and now the colours are off
I wanna make more stuff for YYA...T_T
December 27th, 2009
lol, this actually made me bump my head on the desk because of the lol. Ouch... that goes for both me AND Saja =P
December 27th, 2009
oh, an update! =_= and it sucks and I made a mistake with the dialogue and Ismene looks girly and...and...and... Urgh...*dies*
it's been really busy why don't I get used to it? T_T
I sent you a pm, please read it carefully =)
ufu...even though summer's almost over, I still felt like drawing this. 'Cuz we can't have a yya-summer without ukes licking suspiciously shaped objects, now can we? XD
it's there, in the application topic in our secret forum XP
when I saw this I actually coughed up tea through my nose AND THAT'S A POSITIVE THING! You never cease to amaze me Churamai =O
jeez, the more stuff I see of Chura, the more I like the guy XD I envy Reme T_T

oh btw, since this is probably the quickest way to contact you guys: YYA AUTHORS REJOICE, WE HAVE A NEW APPLICATION so check the forum!!! Or I'll come and haunt your slippers *cough*
I agree completely with the above. And also: the colouring is great, I wish I knew how to colour so nonchalantly and yet make it look awesome.
And one other thing: you've gotten so great at drawing! =O You were great before, but now it's just...awesome =D
yeah =( there are a lot of artists that haven't posted in a while...
Ahahaha drawing anatomically incorrect people is fun XD maybe a bit too much fun, I didn't feel like drawing seriously ^^'
Anyway, it had to continue somehow, so Fenice just kicked Reme out of his room. Poor thing. Now who will save Dyce? Who, by the way, is blaming everything on Saja. (but secretly he's kinda happy with the attention =P)
omg seriously, this is way too funny for words XD
I'm having a crappy day but this makes it aaaaaaallll better =D Thank you so much!
and Reme's so sexy =O He'd better be careful Fenice doesn't attack him either =O or lets him join =O
Saja: "Yes Chase, you do. First rule of sex at 9pm: tie partner up. Second rule: do not stop until at least 11.30pm. Third rule: toys are obligatory. Fourth rule-" Chase: "Ok ok I got it! *sob*"

I'm betting Chase will never fall for that pickup line again =P