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October 11th, 2012
Dang, Prometheus is a fox~.
Oh I was hoping he'd show up.
Coming soon.
Decided to start a Pokemon comic, since that's something relatively easy to write for. Building a bit of a buffer right away, so update will start on March 4th, and it'll update every Sunday.

Despite the Pokeball in the banner, this will /not/ be a sprite comic, though the prologue is mostly text and background images derived from official Pokemon art.
Okay wall o' text is done. Actual character next page!
Background information, I choose you.
I haven't done a Pokemon comic before, so this'll be an adventure. Hopefully you'll all like the story, since I tried to do a slightly different take on the traditional 'Pokemon journey' thing. These first few pages are pretty much 'walls-o'-text', but they get the basic information out there.

Updates will hopefully be somewhat regular, but since education takes presidence, it might drop off every so often. I will try to keep the news section updated if that changes.
I love this comic already! It's nice to see one set in Canada, and focusing on the history (particularly in Alberta). It's also very well drawn! Looking forward to more!
Hahaha, best ever.
Haha, I love how you draw expressions. ouo
Third Panel Anna -> Me reading this comic.
I think I love this story even more now. D8
...I love this comic. 8D The expressions are just priceless.
Panel four is pretty damn horrifying. Poor Paul. I hope you're happy, Susan. >>
September 30th, 2009
Ahaha, Ben's face. XD
September 20th, 2009
This page makes me happy. The book has been my favorite for the longest time.
September 11th, 2009
This page's lines look more nice and clean than usual. I especially like the first panel.
The pages are just fine for me.

and yay, it's Tabby! She's so cute.
This is interesting already. o3o
Yay! I knew it was him. >>

And I just wanted to say, I look forward to each and every update. <:
I personally admire people who do crosshatching instead of easier methods of shading. Well done.