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I'm not that cool, huh? ):
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March 4th, 2009
Okay, interlude of laziness over. Another shitted-out page! I just find this background requirement soporific.

I've been inexorably tired / lazy as of late. Hopefully this will not be soon.

And Az looks like a car salesman in that first panel.
February 9th, 2009
I apologize for this page; it's just horrible. It doesn't flow. The second panel leaves you confused if you haven't read or written the script. The first two panels were done when I was exhausted. Funnily enough, that was the weekend.

Annyway, it just occurred to me that it's taken us this long to get through 24 hours in Az's life. Woo.
February 2nd, 2009
If I do one panel a day, which is what I've managed to do for the past week or two, I should be able to complete a page once a week, approximately. And then we can get to the cool chapter, and then after that Yumi'll hafta start writing more scripts. >*D

And damn, Finell is fugly in that first panel . I'm sorry, 'Nell!
And those people in the doorways never ceased to look demonic.
January 29th, 2009
Aaand we learn the name of another unknown antagonist? protagonist?
January 27th, 2009
Uh, new style again--This way goes a lot faster because I'm too much of a lazy ass to drag my sorry carcass away from the computer. Therefore, use the time on it to paint pages instead!

Apologies for the style changes, but hopefully this will be the final change. :T
So I missed the December update.
..Oh well.
College apps are DONE, DONE DONE DONE.

So I plan to start drawing some pages starting Semester Break. I'm consider taking a digital painting approach to them now...
Meanwhile, enjoy our crazy axe-man with some blood and ethereal lighting!
December 5th, 2008
Crankiness reigns!
In other news--that last panel may be confusing if you're not me. Which is 99.9% of y'all. Ahahaha, I try to avoid doing rooms; I really shouldn't.

And Mr. Man's legs are funny, so I tried to hide them. Obviously. Or, if not.. whoops..

And it just occurred to me that I should hatch. Like, hardcore crosshatch in patterns, not just do dark, dark lines.
I learned something new today!
December 1st, 2008
As I said to Yumi earlier, everyone in the Deus Consort is an ass in their own right. Hurhur

I'm already disliking this style a bit. I've upped the contrast but now it's too busy.

What if I colored it? 8DDD

...Okay. I'm inconsistent.
December 1st, 2008
HA. A comic page.

....Yeah. More soon? I hope.

Is anyone still there, btw? ):
And, happy Halloween, from Yumi and me (she came up with the idea, I painted it, last minute).

2.5 hrs, Photoshop.
We'll get more comics up soon.. But for now.. SAT tomorrow! And it's midnight! Oh, this is bad.

DAMN this came out crappy. Our best wishes nonetheless.
October update, c'td
Okay. To make up for a month (and more!) of inactivity, I give y'all four speedpaintings of our protagonists. Or antagonists, depending on whose side you're on.
They look kinna funny (esp. Luka), but I'm still working on the whole speedpainting sorta thing.
ANYWAY. Hopefully I'll have a really cool picture up by tomorrow for the holiday.
More crack drawings!
And here's my second update. They always seem to be ridiculous.
Anyway, we've been pretty stagnant for a month. 'Soz 'bout that, college apps. D: Hopefully we'll start barreling once those're over.
Anyway! I'll prol'ly post some character speedpaints (four) tomorrow, and then on Halloween hopefully I'll have something impressive drawn.
Thanks for hangin', guys (if you still are.. uh..).
September 28th, 2008
Az: The embodiment of tactlessness.
I'm having trouble ballpointedly shading rooms, but I'll get the hang of it.

This took more effort than it should've: I've finally updated to WinXP and it took me about 2 hours to figure out how to work my scanner. sldfjlsfsfkl
September 26th, 2008
My style keeps changing; is that good?
My apologies if it confuses. Hopefully y'all get used to it, if y'all're still there.

Poem is Lord Alfred Tennyson (not Rudyard Kipling, like I thought, for some reason).
September 14th, 2008
New look, sorry; short on time, but not that short.

Burning house reference
August 31st, 2008
8/31 Update
I didn't know there were 31 days in August.
Anyway: progress update!

..Nothing. Except this crack on paper. I do have the scripts for ch. 4 and ch. 5 and the thumbnail sketches for the whole of ch. 4 done. That'll prol'ly be it for a while. ;o;

God, I miss comic'ing DDD:
August 14th, 2008
And Fin
And thus ends three.

Unfortunately, ch. 4 onwards will prol'ly come in a trickle, since school and whatnot's starting soon, and I as the arteest won't have time to do as much as I can now, obviously, which would normally result in a year-long hiatus. Hopefully scripts will pile up and supply endless work to do. o:

I'll elaborate later in a news posts but for now, thanks everyone who's been supporting us so far, it's very encouraging. :) Thanks especially to those who comment, it's twice as, since .. we know.. people're reading.. and're engaged. Which is a good sign.
August 14th, 2008
This page sucks
Luka has a big head in the last panel, pun intended.
And he appears to be suffering from hormonal imbalances. Look at those emotions go!
August 14th, 2008
I mixed up the dialogue for pages 14 and 15; scooted them over one page ahead of their intended ones. So if you read back, no, Miniluv isn't vaporizing anyone or anything, I'm just absent-minded and fixed the mistakes.
August 14th, 2008
Right in the solar plexus.