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A novice artist in High School, 10th grade, at a High School in Arizona.

Tumblr: darkestshadowwing
Instagram: darkestshadowwing
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Tumblr's your best bet, IMO.
Donated $20, hope it helps some!
It's on here now!
@NioiTakoNoki: If I had more time, I would've bought a Pokemon costume XD
But no, not full cosplay. Just a Pokemon hat, and a Pokemon shirt.
It wasn't a big convention, though. I wish ;n;
I had Spring Break already, and went to a convention. I dressed in all Pokemon haha
That took a 'lil bit.
Yeah, I have to agree with Kecleon.
Oh my, a Pokemon from Kalos
Where'd you go, Mewtwo?
You sure ALL humans are like that? Have YOU ever met a human? Huh, Rodney?
@Janobii: I'll stick to Janobii!
You can call me DSW or Julz. Or Julie. Or Julianne. Whichever.
He's missing?
I never knew!
Clever, Wigglytuff.
@Janobii: I've never found another fan of Fruits Basket!
Gary's probably is totally pissed now.
Sure she was hungry. Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.
Oh wow. She doesn't know what a gijinka is.