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I'm a socially awkward Finnish girl.
I like webcomics that update regularly.
1 Finland
2 Currently obsessed with creek
3 I don't really follow actors so I don't know OTL
you done goofed, Joa
Shit's about to hit the fan.

Lynn is the shit and Lucifer and/or Sakari are the fan.

Also moi Niko hauska tavata.
August 17th, 2017
when will they stop being so cute I can't handle all this dkfjhskf
Taking the wine as well I see.
(I'd probably do the same tbh)
Ilkeää jättää tää viikoks tähän :D
I'm getting nervous!! :O How is this gonna go agh
Can't wait to see the next update!
these updates are becoming more and more interesting 8)
I'm looking forward to the next one~
We have been blessed with another update so soon? This is great.
I really love this nuzlocke, thanks for your hard work!
I didn't think that would actually happen but I'm cool with it.
Kakkaako Joa, nyt vasta kysytään ne tärkeimmät kysymykset! xD
February 19th, 2016
the splash panel would make a great new banner for the comic //shot
I'm so happy to hear you aren't dropping this comic! It's one of my favs even tho I keep forgetting it since it doesn't update like once a week/month. But I get really exited every time I see there's new pages! (Tho I also get the feels and it hurts oh god but it's fine xD)
I hope you're feeling better, too! Try not to let life get to you even if it's a hard life see what I did there haha ok that wasn't a good joke.
Just keep your head high! I and many many others enjoy your works and you should enjoy them too. :)
Now I'm crying in a train. Damn it.
Hhhhhhhh I'm so happy this comic is back!!!
Thanks for updating again! ;u; <3
The should bake a celebration cake together and share if with the readers. I want some cake.

.. pitää olla saatanan iso kakku :D
It's fun reading the comments since most just seem to want some porn out of this :'D
Sakke on taas liekeissä.
Stumblr omg xD
October 1st, 2013
I think the birds will kill him if he stops giving them food...