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I love love love love love everything slash and yaoi. XD I draw, write, read, watch anime, read manga, play my flute, and make cupcakes~~~ That's me in a nutshell
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Time travel also ruins your eyesight.
Maybe if you weren't so inclined to throw your phone, this wouldn't have happened!!!
Bananas are the secret to time travel
Do it
Yes!! DO IT, Lucky!! DO IT!!! >:D
I love homicidal Lucky!!! I LOVE HIM!!! XDDD
Yaay updates~~ :D I hope your dad's feeling okay. and WooOOOO Sherlock!! I knew I loved your comics for a reason~ XD
Maybe it's written in code :O
Yaaay~ Updates, I really like this story and can't wait to see what happens. ♥