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@Golb989: I once considered tapastic but idk how to even start. I like smackjeeves though for my little silly comic hehe~
@Golb989: Yes! Damm school is keeping me busy though BC
There is no redemption
I'm betting he has a trauma by now
She's atleast polite enough to ask
Nothing says ready more than smacking face first into a low branch
@SwiftIllusion: I should go rereading the dang comic as well lmao i'm out of the loop myself
This is gonna go great
He's not eaten yet?????
Sorta friend you know?
It's the ears isn't it
Certainly no crush
(Also made the pages bigger)
It's gonna be a wild ride
And also some stuff about dexter
I drew these beforehand as a chapter ender but like..for chapter 1 well whatever nehe
And that's the end of chapter 3, gonna try to up the game in chapter 4 hoho
Aha sorry that it's kinda messy, I lost all my settings and brushes so imma try to get back into things ehe.
Thank you for your patience!
Don't disturb them
Sorry for the slow updates, School is killing me here