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It was once said that I was a "pro" scratch pixel artist.
My best work was during 2013-2015.
Go forth and Fav FOREVERCROSS IF youre in the mood to another comic that I've been at for a while without any of your knowledge
Really like this actually
February 19th, 2014
@kcspice: again, I create my effects.
February 17th, 2014
Five Updates in and I'm liking it more than 80% of the crap that spews out of SJ on an average basis.

Still the one thing that bugs me is the speech bubbles, it's not a big issue but it just throws me off.
We've done it
What have we done exactly?
Well I have had this up for an entire year since January 6th
That's when Forever had it's first official post.

On February 3rd the comics last post was seen.
Weeks after it was official.
The death was real.

Why would I do that? Why would I let a comic that I had years in the making die?

Lack of motivation... Indeed it killed me... After I got a laptop I just couldn't pick forever back up.

Around 4 months into it's death I had officially given up, no revival nothing, comic making itself had died for me...

As well as spriting...

And soon life would send me into the darkest fucking torment of my life...

Ever since July I started to fall into utter dysphoria...

Oh how fucking cruelly was life...

Even further into that it had begun, slowly and surely my life had taken so many turns and in September it all changed, I met a girl who changed my life and the dysphoria of my fucking life left and up until a few weeks ago I was happy... I will never go into detail of my life as of what happened and why I am now destroyed as a human...

Even now I'm still dealing with crap between the world that I have and the world that is where I currently stand....

That's it, I've been destroyed as a human, only a few days after my birthday on the 27th of December...

Fucking awful...

Oh well...

And well yeah...

There happy, I've gone and made myself fucking sad, that aside it's been too long...
Forever will return and I won't be posting any updates for a while... But it's here now, I'm back to the comic game and ForeverCross takes the flag as comics that will return with the mighty Rest.
January 1st, 2014
Hmm, your comic making could use some work but I like this.

I'll keep my eyes on this if it's not dead.
What can be said about this?;
Added an attack and a pose, too lazy to make more like I usually do.
Oh btw it's a scratch sprite so yeah don't ask about that.

You may not know since I haven't updated here for a while, this is abdie~
Redux Redux
Doesn't need to be said but as always '100% scratch' sprite

Ain't she cute
@The_Project: The shading on the jacket needs a lot of work, Use a light source mate.
August 28th, 2013
How dare you betray me like this.

</3 you've broken my trust ;_;
August 25th, 2013
The panels are just all over the place and misshapen.

Just looks weird mate.
August 24th, 2013
You should work on your panel'in mate.
Woah man, you're back.
Haven't talked to you in years mate.
More of these wolves!
Love your style!
This is too good.
Awesome mate.
Awe dude....