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Description: Short
Hobbies: Play video games, walk, and draw terrible comics. :D
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Just draw her and her pokemon together, return her pokemon, and keep walking. Then, when the others don't get their friends back, they won't suspect "Articus" for a while
@crystalgardian: Even if the connection wasn't his dad, it still means that Jupiter probably knew that Otto and his mom were being abused...and that Jupiter did nothing to help them told him to...
@GessHugh: Oui!
The morning's off to a great start
Them’s fightin’ words!
Maybe give a background speech on what motivates you to keep drawing?
@WiispNightmare: Kliff is #1 at making s'mores
@WiispNightmare: Thaaaaaaaat's politics!
That time of year again
After this, all hiatuses will be much shorter, if they happen at all :)
I can handle a job and comics, I just can't handle college and comics
I've still got a bunch of ideas that I really want to draw though, so there may be sporadic updates during the school year
We might be completely untrained, under-supplied, and an embarrassment to The Deliverance, but...uh...I forgot where I was going with this
The balloons hold in them the physical manifestation of creepiness
You just can't compete with a well-dressed man
My town is full of nature
I didn't understand that when heard through walls, sitcoms tend to sound like just arguments o_o
Sprixies are probably close enough to fairies
I wonder if Jadyn would be able to use Sergio’s language effectively
If she can’t see small stuff distinctly then Clara might have to step in as translator (The Royal Translator)
Sometimes you need a new outfit more than you need to rescue the princess
A true gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved, even if he's supposed to be running away from a monster.