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Sometimes a turkey will be trying to impress the ladies
Unfortunately, he does it on the path into the building
Seriously spooked me the first time one of them popped up
Let's be honest, we all want fire-breathing pikmin
I imagine that the skeletons in Shovel Knight sound like Sir Ebrum (
This is why I never sleep past 4:00am
It's hard to resist an elegant way to get instantly fulfill a sidequest
Where there's smoke, there's barbeques and evacuations!
Have you ever been to a pokemon center on your birthday? It's terrifying!

Also: I'm back! Comics are going to be posted every Monday and Friday for at least the rest of the summer
“Earthound”, I love it
But soup is so good ;-;

Perhaps you could have mushy green beans?
Oh no
I had time, HOORAY!
Oooh boooooy

And yes, going outside and exercising is a good idea--health is important
I'm worrying about it!
Syntax will always get'cha
Could we ask Jadyn for a blood sample, or would that go bad too quickly?
Or we could see what we could do to give here her own avenue for escape, perhaps teacher her lock-picking, bomb-making, or some such.
Or we could do some dirty double crossing, put Jadyn (and Zeke to act as if he had deserted his friends) out in the open, as bait, and if/when bossman and/or his goons come to get her, step on the gas and run as many over as possible--if it's supposed to be a prisoner exchange, then Zeke's crew would be there, in the chaos of a truck attack, they might be able to be grabbed, or they might just get shot if something happens to the bossman, on the other hand that would probably be quicker than what bossman would do. On the also other hand, I don't know if Jadyn would be okay with patricide. And Bossman is a stabilizing force in that region it seems, if he died, it's likely someone worse would take over.
Or we could have Jadyn try and talk some sense into her father, but that's not likely to work, but it would at least tell him that she's not exactly kidnapped, and that her return could well depend on his behavior.
Many possibilities...
Better to be late than dead. Delays are usually weather-related, meaning it would be unsafe to fly in that weather
Bad news incoming!
Of course we support you, you're telling an awesome story, with awesome characters, and awesome art!
AND you're kicking mental illnesses ass, and that's an achievement all in itself
Remember, Ganon is from a tribe of all female thieves. She probably thinks that he's just one of them in disguise.