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I draw and animate ^^
I have a pokemon comic called Trouble in the midst.
I love animals and pokemon :3
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Axis last resort in any battle! The move....powerful move...Sweet....kiss....
I thought I posted this last Friday, whoops... x'D
@Pichu90: xD oh, well axis is 16 so i think she's 16 too.
@Pichu90: This is a remake of my original comic, jewel loves everyone XD
@Pichu90: Haha yeah xD it's gonna get mushy~
@Catzk3: Yeah. I know they are strict, but i'm in no way popular. I do have original comic's, this is just my fun time comic that I just enjoy making. I changed them a lot from just my style, I have tried to make it more realistic to pokemon. It just didn't look right when I drew it. So I did my own thing.
@LoganStefko: aww thanks! It's every Friday as of recently.
@Catzk3: It's non profit and fan made. Do you normally not see fan art? I'm just showing you the differences.
@Catzk3: human mean like this ?
The eyes I use are my style and I personally think pikachu's eyes from the anime look souless. So I just draw my own eye style for my comic that is not made by the Pokemon company and differs.
Is the image not there? Says it's not available.
From us to you!
Here's a fun little thing I did, so you can get to know him a bit.
@fyreblazes: x'D oh you're reading the first one, good luck!