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I draw and animate ^^
I have a pokemon comic called Trouble in the midst.
I love animals and pokemon :3
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@Moon creecher: Yeah sure!
@CharizardChic: Thank you ;w;
AHHH- that's so cool, I'm Oregonian!
I finally caught up, so excited!!! Love the suspense x3
Axis last resort in any battle! The move....powerful move...Sweet....kiss....
I thought I posted this last Friday, whoops... x'D
@Pichu90: xD oh, well axis is 16 so i think she's 16 too.
@Pichu90: This is a remake of my original comic, jewel loves everyone XD
@Pichu90: Haha yeah xD it's gonna get mushy~
@Catzk3: Yeah. I know they are strict, but i'm in no way popular. I do have original comic's, this is just my fun time comic that I just enjoy making. I changed them a lot from just my style, I have tried to make it more realistic to pokemon. It just didn't look right when I drew it. So I did my own thing.
@LoganStefko: aww thanks! It's every Friday as of recently.
@Catzk3: It's non profit and fan made. Do you normally not see fan art? I'm just showing you the differences.
@Catzk3: human mean like this ?
The eyes I use are my style and I personally think pikachu's eyes from the anime look souless. So I just draw my own eye style for my comic that is not made by the Pokemon company and differs.